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Amazon Echo Frames: We decided we don't really want to wear Alexa

por Yukiko Hwang (2022-08-07)

However, Apple will still take a cut of any money made from sales within the app - so if Netflix offers a way to subscribe in-app, they will pay Apple a cut, but this will offer an alternative, that includes access to existing payment details.

In a statement, Amazon said: "The premise of this story is flawed and includes reporting that relies on early, incomplete drafts of documents to draw incorrect conclusions." The company said it protects consumers´ privacy and doesn´t sell their data.

Echo Frames look nice, but feel cheap With thick black lenses à la Tina Belcher, the Echo Frames aren't going to be for everyone. The plastic arms -- which house components including the speakers, microphones, battery and magnetic charging connector -- were light and comfortable, even after wearing them for hours on end.  But they do have a modern, polished look.

The 2018 public-policy update said of the proposal: "We strongly prefer no regulation, but if regulation becomes inevitable, we will seek amendment language to narrow any new requirements to the greatest extent possible." The 2018 Amazon document reviewing executive goals discussed plans to oppose the measure, noting concern about its "right to know" provisions for consumers.

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It also made for a few awkward encounters when my eyes were looking towards the Frames itself. To mute Alexa, double-click the power button under the right arm. To others around me, it looked like I was just cross-eyed. A little red light will flash and Alexa will tell you it's muted, while a little charging light under the right arm will also turn red, not that you can see it while wearing the Echo Frames.  At first, I found the blue light distracting but I got used to it over time.

The National Association of Realtors said Tuesday that existing home sales fell 3.4% last month from April to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.41 million. Sales fell 8.6% from May last year. The national median home price jumped 14.8% in May from a year earlier to $407,600, an all-time high.
The housing market, a crucial part of the economy, is slowing as homebuyers facing sharply higher home financing costs than a year ago following a rapid rise in mortgage rates.

Home theater in the round The other home feature I was excited to try with the new Echo was setting up a home theater group. And the new Echo, using Alexa, works pretty well here. Connecting a voice assistant to your entertainment system feels like a real improvement, if you haven't done it before.

It's more powerful, and if you like hip-hop or trap music, the Echo will treat you well. Otherwise, they're fairly comparable, with the Nest boasting a slight edge when it comes to some acoustic and classical music. Both Amazon's and Google's smart speakers offer great sound quality for the $100 price tag, but after side-by-side testing with dozens of songs, the Echo takes the prize by a small but significant margin.

This essentially frees Alexa from the limitations of a home speaker or an app on your phone. If Amazon wants to truly lead in smart glasses, it needs to make big improvements on the frames' sound quality, build and performance.  But in practice, the Day One Edition of Amazon's Echo Frames is very much a beta product. Instead, the big appeal is the support for Alexa, which the Frames can summon anywhere.

If you're planning to replace the third-gen Echo or an Echo Dot with this speaker, you'll probably have to slightly reorganize your shelf. The ball-like profile, according to Amazon, enables the improved sound output, but it also comes with a few practical drawbacks -- chiefly a larger footprint. It's a small complaint, but the kitchen countertop is some of the hottest real estate in many homes, and Classic Book dedicating more of it to a smart speaker might not feel ideal for those of us with limited space.

Of course, this design isn't some aesthetic revelation: Most smart speakers look basically interchangeable at this point, with a layer of fabric mesh over soft geometric shapes. Google's recent Nest Audio is vaguely rectangular, and Apple's soon-to-launch HomePod Mini is similarly spheroidal. Ball is life The best changes to the fourth-gen Echo might be sound quality and home smarts, but the most obvious change is its spherical design.

According to a recent Amazon blog post explaining it, Sidewalk will allow users to "contribute a small portion of their internet bandwidth, which is pooled together to create a shared network that benefits all Sidewalk-enabled devices in a community." What's less clear is how Amazon Sidewalk, which Amazon says will launch later this year, will affect Echo users.

Apple isn't being completely altruistic, as the move is part of a settlement with the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTP), applying to apps that 'do not offer in-app digital goods and services for purchase'.

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