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Mac Miller's drug supplier pleads guilty to distribution of fentanyl

por Gertie Marcotte (2022-08-10)

Mac Miller's drug supplier has pleaded guilty to one count of distribution of fentanyl.

Stephen Walter, 46, the man who allegedly supplied the lethal Percocet pills which led to Miller's overdose and death, entered a guilty plea with the feds, A second drug-related charge for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance was dropped.

Miller was just 26 when he died of an accidental overdose of the powerful opioid fentanyl, along with cocaine and alcohol in 2018.   Mac Miller's drug supplier has pleaded guilty to one count of distribution of fentanyl (Miller pictured in 2013)Walter is facing a maximum punishment of more than 20 years in prison, in addition to a lifetime of supervised release and a $1 million fine. Prosecutors have recommended Walter receive 17 years in prison and five years of supervised release. RELATED ARTICLES

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According to TMZ, 'prosecutors make a point to say that Walter pleading guilty here means he was fully aware of what he was pawning off that night - counterfeit oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl.' In addition to Walker, Ryan Michael Reavis and Cameron James Pettit have also been charged in connection to the rapper's death.  Miller was just 26 when he was found dead from a drug overdose at his home in 2018 A picture of the drugs given to Miller just days before his death, according to court documents

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