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Could We See the Pixel 6A Today? All the Rumors We've Heard Before Google I/O

por Conrad Le Grand (2022-08-11)

The Pixel 6A could follow the pattern with a release date this August. The Pixel 4A came out in August 2020 due to several delays during the pandemic's early days, and the Pixel 5A launched one year later in August 2021.

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Google may have leaked the name of its next smartphone in, of all things, a coloring book, according to a report.

I'd like Amazon to add a way to fix that in a future update. That means your family may not know when they're off-center on camera. It's a classic case of, "Mom, I can only see your forehead," when they get into a game or book. (This happened almost every time for each of the grandparents during calls.) Holding a tablet horizontally makes that extra tricky.

It feels like buying a game console, but one designed for only the littlest players among us. My dad and mother-in-law said playing games and reading bedtime stories was a great experience -- that it was as if we lived nearby. That cost doesn't seem so bad when you think of what we miss out on with distance to family. After weeks of using a sample from Amazon to test, I ended up buying our own Glow, and it was quite the investment since I also needed to gift the grandparents with their own tablets, too.

The launch of a Pixel 6A this year wouldn't be a big shock. Google's budget-oriented A-series phones have traditionally followed the launch of more expensive flagship models. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launched in the fall. 

There can be multiple kid profiles on one Glow. Everyone who participates in a Glow call needs an Amazon account -- and a parent needs one to set up the Glow for their kids. If a family member wants to connect, they need to set it up with an invitation from a parent or guardian using the Amazon Glow app.

Google/Screenshot by CNET

The website Droid Life reported that the Free Coloring Pages (www.pinterest.com) book, which was recently sent out along with a Nest Audio to some customers, includes an index of products in the back that lists a Pixel 6A as being featured on pages 6 and 7. There's an online version of the coloring book too, but it doesn't appear to include the index. 

However, the phone doesn't actually show up on those pages.

The design is very similar to that of the Pixel 6, Techxine says, but with a smaller back camera module. The website Techxine -- an obscure blog whose accuracy is unclear at this point -- also posted a purported box image of the 6A.

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