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How do you tell if your game console is broken or if its the game - Answers

por Maxie Mackness (2019-10-10)

Put a dif game in it and 베트맨 if it works it the game

Why doesn't my halo reach game not work on my halo 3 console but the game works on another console?
Your remote is broken.

What do you do if your Wii is broken?
It's extremely difficult to fix a Wii console when it's broken so nothing. p.s i figured out how to fix it. go to any game store and tell the cashier to try to fix it. if it dont work tell someone else in the game store.

What website can you play naruto broken bond?
You cant it is a console game

What should you do if your ps3 stops playing a certain game?
Try playing a different game. If it works, the problem is with the first game. If it doesn't then the problem is probably with the console. If the game is broken, then it would probably be easiest to just replace it. A broken console, however, might be fixable.

What procedures does gamestop take in order to buy a ps2 do they check if its broken or not?
First they do not pay much for your game console. They can check a game console to see if it is working, but all of them are reconditioned before they are resold as pre owned

How can a game console tell what game is in it?
a laser etched in a code in the shiny part of the disk and every console has a reader that reads the code it first started as a cartridge and the game was a huge code that was stored in the cartridge

What is the plural of game console?
The plural of game console is game consoles. As in "I have several game consoles at home".

What is going to be the new game console?
the new game console coming out is the Ouya

How do you make a game console?
with game console parts..... and a guy who knows how to.... and stuff.......

Is the Nintendo DS a video game console?
Yes, it is a portible game console.

You have Fallout 3 Game of the year edition but the game finished at the purifier and broken steel didnt work?
Try re-booting your console and if that doesnt work take it to a game shop to get it repaired. (or it might not have loaded)

What does une console mean in french?
une console is a (game) console in French.

When you put a game in your xbox 360 and it loads it tellsme to put xbox 360 game in?
It is either a problem with your console, or the game itself. Try going to a game store and tell the staff your problem

How do you fix a PS3 game console if it won't read games?
Go to were you got your ps3 and tell them your problem and ask them to fix it

I put naruto Rise of the ninja in the console then it says please put the disc in a 360 console how do i fix it?
You put it into a Xbox 360 console....or if you did one of them is broken.

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