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Is Online Document Management System Secure?

por Helena Casimaty (2019-10-12)

Going from paper to digital form can save you money and time on paper and searching for documents in the store. You do save yourself from this hustle but you don't know what you are getting in exchange. The new strain is related to the security of the e-documents. If you are concerned about whether your documents are secure or not, you are right to be worried about them. The reputation of your organization is at risk, which can further lead to criminal penalties and accountability to lawsuits.

081d73ceaa7a48d36a773ba5ed24647d.jpgThere have been so many security breach incidents in the past that 60% of cloud-based document management is going to convert in a hybrid cloud model. This hybrid model promotes keeping few files to yourself. Only a few files are allowed for sharing. Here are a few things you should be looking out for when you are going from paper to digital:

Every document management system has its own security measure but there are few measures you have to take on your own. You have to limit the access of the sensitive files. Only a few people should be allowed to access these files. There should be a proper document for this purpose which should clearly state names or designation of people who can have the access and how unofficial access can be prevented. Visitors can be allowed but you need to have track and control of their visits. It all sounds like a very complicated process. Here are a few things you should be looking out for when you are going from paper to digital:

License Management
One of the best things about this feature is that it creates a unique identity of every user. This unique identity helps in getting a hold of access. Some users will be allowed to modify, few will be allowed to edit and probably fewer will be allowed to delete the document. You can set passwords which also allow distribution of different duties.

Provision of Security Tag
There might be hundreds of confidential documents provided by the employees. This information is important for the management but it cannot be shared with everyone. For such complications, a unique security tag is provided to the user. This security tag should not be shared with anyone.

Security of the Database
Database management stores information about different groups, security, and other users. It is leverage for the operating system since it can give the security encryption which can prevent irrelevant users to access the database. Secure document management can be ensured by securing the database.

Volume Encryption Security
Viewing files directly should be limited and a good document management system enables this limitation. If you encrypt the volume, you will make it inaccessible for 온라인카지노추천 Laserfiche and Windows too. You can also verify if the content of the document has been modified outside the DMS.

An In-depth Examination
A good DMS will keep a track of each and every activity. It includes modification and editing of any document. Even the viewing of the document is tracked. Moreover, if there are any kinds of security modifications, they are also recorded.

The security of the documents is very important. Many organizations do not realize the importance of this security. This process of securing the documents is complex but a good DMS can help in securing the documents. However, understanding the document management system is an important job.

The document management system can help in securing the document through many features such as encryption and tracking. It limits the access of the users.

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