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The Mueller report by the numbers

por Bernardo Escobedo (2019-10-12)

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Alex Wong/Getty Images Thursday morning, Attorney General William Barr said the Trump campaign didn't conspire with the "sweeping and systematic" Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election, despite "numerous links" between the campaign and the Russians. Additionally, smart panel nulled Wordpress Prestashop modules based on the evidence provided in special counsel Robert Mueller's report, Barr said he determined that President Donald Trump didn't obstruct justice during the investigation, and he disagreed with Mueller's legal theories surrounding obstruction. The conclusion of the report itself states, "while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him."

At 448 pages, the divisive document is a lot to pore over, even with redactions, so we searched it for the key terms, people, companies and organizations from the two year Mueller investigation. But before you dive into the numbers, here are a few things to know about how we searched.

We compiled these numbers by opening a PDF version of the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader and Nulled WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin using the Full Reader Search option. 

The word-counts include the table of contents and footnotes.

For people with given names in parentheses, we searched only with their surname (or in Donald Trump Jr.'s case, "Trump Jr."). When a person's name could have multiple meanings or refer to multiple people (like "Page"), we searched using the full name.
Now playing: Watch this: AG Barr: Trump campaign did not work with Russia in election... 1:45 General terms

Russia or Russian: 1,595

Trump (all references): 1,462

Clinton (all references): 274

Moscow: 242

Obstruction: 175

Trump Tower: 141

Interference: 121

Ukraine: wp all export pro 1.5.8 nulled 89

Text message: 72

Hacking: 46

Conspiracy: 44

Kremlin: 27

Collusion: 23

Lied: 20

DM: 15

Witch hunt: 15

Steele (includes references beyond Christopher Steele): 14

Illegal: 12

Logan Act: 11

Malicious: 11

Spearphishing: 11

Password: 10

Direct message: 7

Fake news: 7

Access Hollywood: 5

Meddling: 5

No collusion: 4

Email server: 4

Spy: 4

Voting: All in one seo pack pro nulled 4

Exonerate: 3

Breach: 2

Redacted: 2

Dossier: 1

Fucked: 1

SQL injection: 1

Trojan: 1

Disinformation: 0

Phish: 0
Enlarge ImageA word cloud of the most frequently-used words in the Mueller Report.

Made with wordclouds.com Technology companies

Facebook: 78

Twitter: 62

Instagram: 7

Google: 5

YouTube: 5

Microsoft: 4

Apple: 3

WordPress: 3

WhatsApp: 1

Tumblr: 1

Snapchat: 0

(Michael) Cohen: 764

(Michael) Flynn: 603

Don McGahn: 515

(Paul) Manafort: 475

(Jeff) Sessions: 463

(George) Papadopoulos: 319

(Jared) Kushner: 251

(Donald) Trump Jr.: 181

(Steve) Bannon: 141

(Vladimir) Putin: 136

(Corey) Lewandowski: 125

Donald Trump (includes both Donald Trump Sr. and Donald Trump Jr.): 89

Hillary Clinton: 59

(Natalia) Veselnitskaya: 54

(Roger) Stone: 44

(Julian) Assange: 41

Obama: 34

(John) Podesta: 34

Carter Page: 24

(Victor) Yanukovych: 23

(James) Comey: 20

Ivanka: 15

Rick Gates: 9

Colin Stretch (Facebook general counsel): 3

Eric Trump: 3

Bill Clinton: 2

Christopher Steele: 2

Stormy Daniels: 1

(Nigel) Farage: 1

(Mitch) McConnell: 1

(Peter) Strzok: 1

(Maria) Butina: 0

(Jack) Dorsey: 0

(Alexander) Downer: 0

(Debbie) Wasserman Schultz: divi builder Nulled WooCommerce Booking Plugin 0

(Mark) Zuckerberg: 0

(Jack) Dorsey: 0
Other companies/organizations

FBI: Free Themes 306

WikiLeaks: 206

GRU (Russian Federation's Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff): 132

IRA (Internet Research Agency): 131

DNC (Democratic National Committee): 95

DCLeaks: 62

Guccifer: 56

CIA: 6

NSA: 5

FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation): 2

Cambridge Analytica: 0

Fusion GPS: 0
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