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World News, and My Views

por Wilbur Pickering (2019-10-15)

id="mod_44736905">My views of the world today
Welcome to our article (78) World news, and my views

\uc628\ub77c\uc778\uce74\uc9c0\ub178 Archives - \ubc14\uce74\ub77c \uc0ac\uc774\ud2b8Dear readers, this article is another of the several articles that I intent to write and talk about the news that are worrying me most, I have already written before about what is happening in the world today, which of course, they are my views that are being modified from my life experience within my brain. Anyhow, this is what I have done and I am continuing to do. So, let us look at what I have written and continue to write my articles.

Some of my last articles, were about the refugees that go to Europe and Italy, because I am concerned about their large number, as they may cause problems. My views are that we must be concerned, so, I want to write something about that. Now, that is not the only thing that I want to follow and talk about. So, I am thinking of expanding my writing, and write a few articles about the most important world news, which of course will include the refugees, and other things that in my views are worth mentioning. This could be said that it is a sort of diary that I want to keep, so that I can compare later, to see how things change and if my views change as well.

This world news that I am talking about, can be good, bad, or I have my views, in favour or against, which I would like to share. So, let me stop talking about the refugees for now, we will come back to talk about them later. Because I would like to start with the most important news of today, which somehow are worrying me, and I believe that most people are worried as well. One of these is what is happening between the USA President Donald Trump and the North Korea President Kim Jong Un. These two Presidents are both strong headed and don't follow much diplomatic rules; so, I believe that the world should be concerned about that.

Yes, the world should be concerned, because a war can happen with great loss of life, and if the war is not finished quickly and atomic bombs are used the entire planet will suffer the consequences for a very long time. I believe that anyone with a sound mind, will try to avoid this war. It is a war with no winners, because even the winner will lose, so, there is no point to make this war.

But these two head of state are not giving up this struggle, as both want to win their ways, which depending from where you stand, they are very different, therefore one can find different views about them, that is one of the reasons why this problem cannot be solved easily. We will come to talk about this issue in our next article, when there might be something new to say.

Anyhow, we will stop now, because there is something urgent in the news that needs mentioning, which is another problem for USA. So, let us have a look.

KIM JONG UN, President or dictator of North Korea
Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea is always thinking about wars against the Western world and the USA. I believe that he is still living in the past, when North Korea, with the help of the Chinese were able to stop South Korea and USA invade NK. Mantaly Bay Hotel in Las Vegas
In this picture we can see the windows that the gunman broke to shoot at the people below, while they were attending a concert. The question we should ask ourselves here is this. Will the American government try to control fire arms now? Another problem for USA government
What a shock!!!!!!.......

This are today shocking news

AT least 58 people are dead, and more than 500 people are injured after Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire on revellers at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

Here-under is a link to the shocking news

Las Vegas shooter: Mandalay Bay casino gunman reports

I believe most of the western world is in shock today, because of the massacre that this mad man has caused in Las Vegas, 58 dead and 500 wounded. These people were only attending a concert, when this madman opened fire, with automatic and semiautomatic fire-arms from a hotel window on this large crowd.

Now, nobody knows why this has happened, and why this man did all this killing. We also wonder how he managed to have more than twenty fire arms in his hotel rooms and lots of ammunition. I believe that most of us cannot think straight, because we are still shocked. But somehow, we must realize that this has happened, and then ask ourselves if that could have been prevented.

I believe that next question would be; is the American government doing anything about all these fire arms that are around the country, because there are too many mass murders happening in America. So, some control can be helpful, but then knowing from past experiences how Americans are like about fire arms. I wonder if they are going to do anything about it. I hope they do.

We should leave this news behind, we will come back to it when we learn something new, so we will look at other news.

So, now I want to mention other issues that are on the news these days, and they should interest most people. You see, here I am going to talk about the weather, since everybody is interested about the weather, as it affects our lives every day, especially when the weather is violent and affects our lives in different ways.

Hurricane Irma, went through Puerto Rico, and ended in USA
This is a pecture of Hurricane Irma that went through Puerto Rico, and many other Island in the Pacific Ocean, ending up in USA. The world weather today
I personally believe that the weather today has changed a lot, because there are a lot of violent weather events in the world, So, let us look at what has happened, here we want to talk about the hurricane that have devastated several countries in the Atlantic Ocean and America. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and others.

I don't know if I am right, but it seems to me that, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons and other extreme weather events, are on the increase these days, this can be due to climatic warming, which we have caused ourselves the expert say, since we are using too much fossil fuel, so, we are to blame.

I believe that somehow the experts are right, and we are ruining our planet, but that remains to be seen. Anyhow, while we are talking about these violent weather events, to show you how bad things sometimes are, I am going to copy and paste part of an article that I found on Google news about Puerto Rico, since these people need help, after the devastation they received from hurricane Irma, Maria and other storms.

(So, I quote from Google news)

When Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, told reporters while begging the White House for help that "people are dying," she wasn't exaggerating.

Her city and much of the island is coming up on two weeks of suffering after Hurricane Irma, which not only knocked out power for 에볼루션카지노 the entire population but also left scores of people without clean drinking water, easy access to gasoline, readily available food and much-needed medical care. Although the death toll is officially 16 right now, that number will almost definitely go up.

Related: Who is San Juan's Mayor? Meet Carmen Yulín Cruz

"Sadly, the island is so badly damaged that there is no ability to communicate—no way to know the number of people who may have been killed in the storm itself with houses coming down, debris," Stephen E. Flynn, the founding director of the Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University, tells Newsweek.

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(end of quote from Google news)

Having said that, I believe that the world must become more organized, when these violent natural events occur, I know that first we should look after our own people, but it would be helpful, if neighbouring countries would help more quickly. I hope it is not as bad as it might sound. I have also to add here that most of the small and poor countries in the world, look at USA as their big brother, which is expected to come to their aid when they need help, which sometimes may not happen quickly.

Anyhow, this is just another problem that the world needs to sort out.

People in Puerto Rico getting ready for the coming Hurricane Irma
These people are getting ready for the oncoming hurricane. Now, this may sound confusing, but the name of Puerto Rico means a rich port, but today those people over there are not that rich, so, they need some outside help after the hurrinane damage. This overloaded boat of refugees, in the Mediterranean Sea
This boatful of refugees is being helped out from some another boat, because it is overloaded and could sink. They hope to reach the Italian coast, where they believe to find a better life for themselves. But we know that it is not going to be easy. Back to talk about the refugees
Now that we have talked about some world leaders and their problems, we have talked also about the weather, let us go back to talk about the refugees, today, as we can see they are causing a lot of problems anywhere they go. What is most worrying is the fact that they are involved in many nasty things, starting from terrorism. So, we have just to look at what is in the news today to keep our diary going.

Anyhow the refugees are a real problem today anywhere you go, I believe that there must be a way to contain them within certain limits, so that they don't cause as many problems as they do now. What can be done is hard to say, but the hardest part is that most people have different views about the refugees. Today that willingness of helping refugees starts waring out, because of the never-ending problems they are causing. People start even publishing things on the internet about this. In fact, I have found this Italian article on Face-book that I am going to translate my own way, to explain what it says.

This is part of an Italian article that I am writing here, to show you what I mean, here under is a translation adjusted my own way, as I understand it.

Italy is breaking up: it can't take any more the pressure of the migrants. And now, it is worse, because they have closed the Balkan route thanks to an agreement between Germany and Turkey, which blocked the flow of refugees from the Middle East.

Therefore, Italy now is to host of people, mostly from North Africa, via Libya. In 2017 have been nearly 200,000, but their numbers continue to rise dramatically. If Italy is left alone by the European Union, Italy is the country more fragile and less suitable to withstand the impact of the refugees. This was stated by none other than Goldman Sachs, worried that the situation could influence the elections of June 2018. He reports "Zero Hedge," in a post translated and taken from "Voices from abroad". The beautiful country, according to the great speculative Wall Street Bank, is in the economic and social crisis and grappling with policies ineffective. As Spain and Hungary, says Goldman, Italy has a very high unemployment rate, so, Italy must strive for impossible economic integration for the newcomers, this is made worse by the fact that a certain social intolerance is intensifying, partly due to the immigration policies, deemed inefficient.

This article goes on telling many other things that need to be fixed, but they are too many to be written here. So, I am going to stop writing this article about this issue now. When I write next article, I will come back to tell you about this and the other issues that we have been talking about here.

See you soon!


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