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How to Prepare Noni Fruit

por Ken Ten (2019-10-17)

Not all companies know how to prepare noni fruit properly, so they often employ knowledgeable local harvesters. To prepare noni fruit for mass consumption, 6 to 10 pounds of noni must be used to create one pound of product.

There are four basic methods of processing. The juice-only technique uses overripe noni fruit, dripping with juice, which is collected and bottled. Be aware that the label may legally read 100% Noni Juice, even if the company has added water. This method results in the most pungent-tasting type of noni fruit drink, so it is recommended that you mix it with another type of juice, like raspberry, cranberry, or orange.

The puree method uses every part of the fruit except the seeds. Other liquids are added. The therapeutic effects are not quite as strong as with the juice-only method. Look for a product that contains at least 70% noni juice. Most pureed noni juice is pasteurized to kill off harmful microbes. If it is not pasteurized, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires a warning label.

Capsules contain many of the health benefits of noni juice, without the strong taste. The whole noni fruit is dehydrated to reduce bulk, irradiated for sanitization, cách trồng rau mầm then ground up and put into capsules for easy consumption.

The powdered juice method allows for precise concentrations. The whole fruit is dehydrated, irradiated, and ground up. The granules are then added to a liquid that contains flavoring agents, sweeteners and thickeners. You can identify this form of noni fruit juice by pouring it into a glass and letting it sit overnight. Black, grainy particles will appear.

ISSN: 1980-5861