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How do you spell Facebook

por Andrea Stpierre (2019-10-18)


How do you activate spell check on facebook?
Facebook does not have a built in spell checker. If you need a spell check, 추천바카라사이트 use another program on your computer or a browser which includes spell check such as Firefox.

How do you spell Facebook in german?
The site Facebook is also Facebook in German. (The translation would be Gesichtsbuch for "face book.")

How do you put spell check on your Facebook?
Facebook does not have a built in spell checker. If you need one, use another program on your computer. Firefox is good, as it is also a web browser, that can have many addons, and by default, a built in spell checker.

When you unscramble oekacfob what does it spell?
The anagram is Facebook.

How do you spell facebook in French?
It's the same in French.

How do you use fire fox spell check on Facebook?
How do you use fire fox spell check on face book

How do you hak facebook account?
spell hack right and I'll tell you

How can you get Daniel Radcliffe on Facebook?
learn how to spell his name andtype it in the boxy thing da

How do you find some one on Facebook?
you search for their name but i don find the person when i spell it

How do you spell Facebook in spanish?
Facebook is a brand name. Brand names are rarely translated. The Spanish Facebook web page is called Facebook en español (Facebook in Spanish). There are joke logos on Facebook such as "Caralibro" (literal translation), "Libro de cara" (book of face) and another "Cara de Libro" [Face of Book). Each of these names have their own joke Facebook pages.

What are the examples of tools in your technology?
tools in technology are elelectric drills circuit boards spell check and facebook

Is Facebook Good For young children?
Facebook is most certainly not alright for young children. It will one teach them no social skills, two teach them bad language from other peoples profiles, they won't spell words properly after a while and they might add people not knowing who the person is and it could be a pedafile. I would not let a young child near facebook.

What is the spell on Facebook fairyland alchemy to make gold?
to get 10 gold use faemative + water from murky swamp + love dust + rare fungus + naughty wand

What does Selena Gomez call Justin bieber?
No because he sucks. If you google "how do you spell gay" and click "i'm feeling lucky", a bieber facebook page comes up.

Fi uoy nac daer siht sserp ekil?
If you read each word backwards in order, it would spell out "If you can read this, press like", commonly found on facebook.

How do you do smiely faces on facebook?
:) :( :d :/ :@ -_- 3 =) =( =d ;) :s You can't spell Führer without ü and maybe someone will be able to make a smiley face out of this some day, :})

Why hot country people prefer spicy food?

Why are kids not allowed on Facebook?
because its for there own safety. if by kids you mean under 16. then yea u shouldn't have a facebook page because theres pidifiles (cant spell) and predators on the computer that try to harm you and get into your heads.next thing you know some ones at ur house and u don't kno them ur gonna see.

Is there a spell to turn people into a vampire?
No, there is no spell to turn people into vampires; the only way you can become a vampire is to be bitten by someone else. Actually there are four spells to turn a person into a vampire. Two more that are good for groups of people. Unfortunately none of them work. yes there is and i have the spell and it works but i will not give it to anyone that will abuse it it...

Will Facebook start chargin?
NO FACEBOOK WILL NOT START CHARGING:D Evidence: When you log in, where you would make a new account it says, "It's free and it always will be" Mark Zucklegberg (I cant spell. Oh well.) said that the company already makes more than enough money with the ads and games combined. It's estimated that Facebook will hit 600 million users in the next year. (Current Estimate: 500 million) Hope that helps:) -UntitledBiohazard

How can you be a beleiber?
Listen to his music loads, go on his youtube channel, facebook and twitter. Look at pictures of him and search fo the latest news. And spell "Belieber" Right. Also, if you can attend his concerts and buy a hoodie.

Where was the place were they descoved alcohol?
Unfortunately for you, the answer lies on a random page in every dictionary/grammar book. It is quite obvious that you will never find it, so you can go ahead and get back on Facebook, where you obviously learned to spell.

What is 'Facebook' in Spanish?
facebook in English is facebook in spanish proper nouns are the same Facebook in Spanish is " facebook" it's both the same because it's a name. facebook

How can you move a Facebook message onto Facebook?
if you have a facebook message then it is already on facebook

How do you find if someone has you on Facebook if you do not have a account?
Facebook can only connect people who join facebook. If you do not have a facebook account, no one can "have" you on facebook.

Which is correct on Facebook or in Facebook?
Depends on what you are saying; e.g On facebook there is a.... In facebook i have put.... :D

Do Facebook games give your computer Facebook?
You can only play Facebook games if you have a Facebook account. :)

What was the name of Facebook before it was called The Facebook?
it was Facebook!

In Spanish what does tienes Facebook mean?
You have facebook. Written as ¿Tienes facebook? it would be "Do you have facebook?" it could also be a statement to people but most likely in the form of a question. Ex: Tienes facebook? = Do you have facebook?

If some person locked Facebook how can I log in to Facebook?
Ask your friend if you can log on to his/her facebook and message facebook.

Do people enjoy Facebook?
You can't enjoy Facebook, Facebook is a noun. People enjoy USING Facebook :)

What is 'Facebook' in German?
It is the sameword in German: Facebook.

How can you get on Facebook under 10?
You are not allowed to have a facebook if you are under 13. If you do have a Facebook when your under 13, You can be reported and banned from facebook.

What is the person name who found Facebook?
mark zukerberg discovered the facebook in 2004 .the first name of facebook is "The Facebook".

Does a Facebook operater work for Facebook?
Well yes, if a person is an operator of Facebook they obviously work for Facebook. Bagshad :)

If I go to my Facebook can he be in comen in Facebook?
If I go to my Facebook can Justin bieber be in comen in Facebook to so we cold chatar

What is the difference between regular Facebook and Facebook Workplace?
Regular Facebook is a page where people can meet friends and family while facebook workplace is a page where the people who made facebook is suppose to be keeping facebook up.Facebook workplace is basically a page where people is working on facebook.

Is there a Facebook like Facebook for 11 year olds?
There is no junior Facebook and on the Facebook website it tells you that you should not attempt to join Facebook if you are under 13 years old.

Can you get me on Facebook?
no i can not get you on facebook.

Can you get on Facebook if you are under 13?
Yes you can have a Facebook, but you have to lie to eligible for facebook

Facebook why cant you get on Facebook anymore?
Make facebook my home page

Facebook is the product of which company?
Facebook is owned and operated by Facebook, Inc.

Does jet li have a Facebook?
Jet does not have a Facebook profile, but he does have a Facebook page.

Does Billy Martin have a Facebook?
He has a facebook fan page but not an actual facebook

Which website can you get free Facebook?
Facebook. Facebook is a free website to use

What is the Nepali word for facebook?
Facebook = फेसबुक (pronounced similar to "facebook")

Does internet explorer have spell check?
This process is done with a Mac Computer Steps: 1. Type something on a website or Facebook doesn't matter and then you right click. 2. Click "Spelling and Grammar" 3. Check mark by clicking on "Check spelling while typing" and click "Check grammar with spelling" And there you go you should have spell check on any website on the internet!

What can you use Facebook tokens for on Facebook?
Tokens are used to play different games on Facebook, and to purchase different things on Facebook.

Do Rihanna have a Facebook?
Nope, Rihanna dosent have Facebook but she has her own Facebook Fan Page and her own website (Website not on Facebook)...

How do you pimp a picture on Facebook?
Facebook gives us an exclusive email, that we can mail our pics to the facebook and it atumaticllay goes to facebook.

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