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What is the game sharing icon on a PSP do? - Answers.com

por Shaunte Griffiths (2019-10-19)

if some one with a PSP has a game that can game share and they go no game share in the game you need to click on the game share icon in order for the game to be sent to u.

How do you play a game with someone else if they don't have the game?
turn on psp and go on game icon use direction buttons to scroll onto game sharing

How do you Game Share on a Sony PSP?
In order to game share between two PSP's you need to obtain a game displaying the game sharing icon. To share a game, first enable the Wi-Fi switch on the PSP you want to share the game from and on any PSP you want to share the game with. Next, Browse to the game sharing option in the game you want to share and access the Game Sharing Icon on the other PSP(s) to search...

What is game sharing for the psp?
game sharing is a new thing for the psp slim 3000 it shares your game with a friend

Is tekken 6 psp game sharing?
Tekken 6, HAS NO GAME SHARING FEATURE, unlike T5 Dark Resurrection.

Does games can be shared in psp e1004?
As the PSP E1000 has no wi-fi, it can't do game sharing.

How you play game sharing in the psp?
You have to have at least one game that has the Game Shaing feature

How do you play multiplayer on the psp?
Go to the Game Sharing and then wait

How do you connect a PSP to another PSP?
ad hoc function under games in xmb it says game sharing

How do you play 2 players on psp?
first you go to multiplayer then on the other psp you put game sharing then it works happy

How do you Game Share on a Sony PSP go?
That's not that hard. If your giving the game to someone elts then go to the game sharing thingy and select that. If your getting a game, go to the game bar, go to game sharing and select it.

Can you do Mutiplayer on a PSP?
it's depend on the game.....can it play for two player if yes u can by go to sharing game

How do you connect a PSP to a PSP?
only two player games can connect with the wlan switch on the side of the psp 1000 and on the top of the psp 2000 and psp 3000 also you can use game sharing to connect to each other.

How 2 PSP download a game in to my PSP?
The PSP has a menu bar called the XMB, on the right hand side you can find the PSN icon. Connect to the PSN, and you can shop for games online. Once you've paid for a game, you download it from there too.

Can a psp go and a psp 3000 play games together as in multiplayer using adhoc?
yes it can i got a psp go and a psp 3000 both of them worked i vsed tekken with one my friends and sonic rivals game sharing

How do you game share on socom navy seals fireteam bravo 2?
You are probably misleaded by the Socom 2 'game sharing' idea. Sony cheaped us out by only sending a demo when you game share Socom 2. So that means you can't play your friend one on one unless he gets a copy as well. If your still interest in giving your friend the 'demo'. You need to run the game and go to options and find the game sharing icon. Click on it while your...

Is buzz quiz world psp a good game?
only if you know alot about movies and television try the demo for your self at the playstation store on your psp home menu icon

How do you connect two psp where the players can play against each other?
You go to game sharing - the rest is told

Does madden 09 have game sharing for psp?
yes it does and you can also play online with gamers all around the world

What are good PSP games that have online play AND game sharing?
The MOH (Medal Of Honour) games are pretty good, it's very fun to play online. As for game sharing, i only know of one game that can game share (that i have LOL) and it's pretty bad...

My psp wont even play umd games when you put in the umd game it doesnt do ANYTHING it just sits there and the loading icon wont even show up or the umd icon under games help?
the game might be scaracth

How do you get comics on psp street?
Go to the link given when you click the 'Digital Comics' icon on PSP.

Can you get doodle jump on pspgo yes or no?
You can get Doodle Jump on a psp and psp go.Go to the following website psp.gdteam.net,and click hb games and download doodle jump to your computers desktop.Plug your psp in start up media go and add the game folder to your library under games.Next drag the game to the psp icon and your ready to jump!!By the way YOU DO NOT NEED CUSTOM FIRMWARE IT WORKS WITH ALL PSP MODELS!

How do you start UMD game?
To start a umd game first onn your psp then you will find a icon displayed on the screen,namely game ,then go there and start coming down from the game column and you will find a a folder namely umd click that with the help of 'x' key.and now you have started game in umd note:make sure that umd is present in psp

How do you download game in psp 2000?
Access the PSN store through its icon on the XMB. You can browse and purchase games here, and they will automatically start to download.

Does psp have playstation network?
All models of the PSP except for the PSP Street have a PSN icon on their XMB. Those can access the PSN from there, but the Street requires a PC to do it.

Does the psp have playstation network?
All models of the PSP except for the PSP Street have a PSN icon on their XMB. From there they can access the PSN to browse, purchase and download games.

Psp could read MSand the psp has the ms image below every sectioneven though theres files in the MS it replies with there are no 'folder name files in here'.i can't see downgrade or upgrade patch?
Your question is very confusing to read, but I'll give it a shot. First the patch needs to be placed in the folder GAME, in the folder PSP, on your MS. You will need to create a folder called UPDATE and that's where you put it. In the sections on the menu, you need to goto Games icon and then the Memory Stick icon, and you should see the update in there. The MS icons...

Can you play a psp game on your computer without a psp i know that you can play a game boy advance game on the computer but what about the psp?
yes, with a "psp emulator"

How do you download wwe12 on PSP?
WWE 12 is not a PSP game and is a PS3 game and can not be played by the PSP

What is the purpose of the PSP game?
the purpose of psp game is that you can experience the game by yourself :)

How do you play PSP games with another PSP?
the game has to be game share compatible. you basically got to gameshare on your psp and then your friend loads the game up n his psp.

Can yo play PSP 3000 game in PSP 2000?
There is no such thing as a 'PSP 3000 game'. PSP UMD's will work on PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000.

Do you need a PSP or a PSP3000 to play invizimals?
If its a psp game, it will run on any psp system (providing its not faulty). If its not a psp game, it wont work on the psp.

How do you mod a PSP game?
you cant mod a psp game

How do you convert ps3 game to PSP game?
play the ps3 games in psp they will converted to psp games

How do you transfer a PSP game from a PC to PSP?
Get the game folder and drag it into PSP/GAME. ALWAYS read the readme that is usually included with the game, they are really helpful.

How do you share games on psp?
1 take two psps and put them beside each other 2 go to game sharing on both psps and 3 just let the game pop up on both system

Can your psp 3004 play games on your flat tv?
yes, by connecting your psp to your ps3 and the ps3 must be connected in the flat screen t.v. and pick the icon on the psp that says connect to ps3

Are there any Naruto game on PSP that is adventure?
Now, if you want a Naruto game on PSP, you should ask yourself "Gee, if I want a Naruto game on my PSP, do I really deserve a PSP?"

Is there a Minecraft game for PSP?
there is MINECRAFT for PSP its an app that's why you save it in the PSP/GAME Look for download links there in google be sure that you extract it then save it in PSP/GAME not in ISO or CSO

Can a psp 3000 download games from the playstation store?
Yes, the PSP 3000 has a PSN icon on the XMB. From there it can access the PSN, 더킹카지노 to purchase and download games.

How do you transfer PSP game downloade to the PSP?
Once you connect to the PSN, you can purchase and download the game from there, straight to your PSP.

How do you play UFC game on PSP?
You have to have a modded PSP and then you can convert the PS1 UFC game to play on the PSP. I have it on mine, the game kinda sucks though.

What is the game sharing icon?
You click on it then u start to share stuff like people come through your windows and start playing and it makes you feel so good inside that your sharing but i recomend only pressing it once a day or sometimes people will trash your home soo...

Can you play PSP games in a PS2?
No a PSP game can be played in a PSP

Can you play Japanese games on an American Psp?
Yes but if there is a game for Japaneses and English you can save Japaneses games with Englishes data,all PSP can play PSP game Englishes or Japanese. PSP games are region free, any PSP game will work on any PSP.

Can you use Littlebigplanet on PSP 3000?
yes the PSP game not the PS3 game

Does a psp game come with a UMD?
PSP game 'disks' are called UMDs.

Does the PSP 3000 have a built in PSP store where you can download games?
The PSN is an online service, not a self-contained program that can be run from the PSP, if that's what was meant by 'built-in'. The PSP-3000 has a PSN icon that lets you connect to the PSN and view the online content.

Is there Naruto 3 on PSP?
Now, if you want a Naruto game on PSP, you should ask yourself "Gee, if I want a Naruto game on my PSP, do I really deserve a PSP?"

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