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What is the difference between going shopping and doing the shopping? - Answers.com

por Kenny Bowser (2019-10-27)

If your going shopping, it means you plan to do some or are on the way to the shops.

If your doing the shopping, it means you are actually shopping.

The difference between go shopping and do shopping?
Going shopping you have to be in a car. And doing shopping you pick stuff out. Going shopping you should have money, and doing shopping you also need money. Going shopping you should pick out a good place or store, doing shopping you should offer a best located and perfect store image even you are doing online shopping.

What is the difference between communication and talking?
"I'm going shopping." "How do you feel about me going shopping?"

What is the difference between plan and act?
a plan is how your going to do somthing and an act is doing it

What is the difference between mission and Komvote1.tistory.com vision?
Mission is what you are DOING and in some cases how you do it. Vision is where you are going as an organization.

What doesn't Rihanna like doing?
She likes going shopping with her friends

What is the difference between karma and reincarnation?
karma is what you get from doing something bad------reincarnation is going through rebirth after you die

Is this sentence correct - Mother and I is are going for shopping?
No, it makes no sense in English. Here are some correct sentences: Mother and I are going shopping Mother and I will go shopping I am going shopping with my mother I and my mother are going shopping My mother and I are going shopping

What are kesha's favorite hobbies?
Writing songs , going shopping and doing all kinds of hair fashions

What is the difference between a shopping center and a mall?
The difference between a shopping center and a shopping mall is that one gives you access to all the stores through one entrance while the other makes you exit one store in order to enter another store. In a shopping mall there are several entrances into the mall. Once you get into the mall you can now go to any store in that mall without ever going back outside. In a shopping center there is...

What is difference between will and going to?
The difference is ............................. there is no difference will and going to means the same just "will" takes a bit longer to happen than going to

When was Going Shopping created?
Going Shopping was created in 2005.

What does Alexandra Burke like doing?
Singing, performing, dancing, recording music, going out with friends, shopping and watching TV.

What the difference between will and are going to?
The difference between will and are going to do is that the former refers to the future or a later day while the latter means implies on the present.

What is the duration of Going Shopping?
The duration of Going Shopping is 1.77 hours.

What is the difference between what are you going to visit and where are you going to visit?
the difference is that WHAT is something in the WHERE your going to visit Ex. I am going to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

What are the difference of reading comprehension in independent reading between teacher guiding reading?
well if you read idepentdently your learning more cause your doing everything yourself.And with a teacher they're helping you and your not going about it yourself doing it alone.understand?

What is the difference between a Gas turbine engine and a piston engine?
The difference is what is doing the work, in a gas turbine the turbine spinning does the work and in a piston engine the pistons going up and down moving the crank shaft does the work.

What is going on in Europe?
Life is going on in Europe. People are going to work, people are going to school, people are watching TV and using the internet, people are talking with friends, people are taking a walk, people are shopping and making dinner. People are doing are doing all of the things that people do, even in Europe.

Is 'She is going to do shopping' grammatically correct?
I would say; She's going shopping. Or She's going grocery shopping. We don't want to be too wordy.

Which one is the correct go for shopping or go to shopping?
The correct way to phrase this would be; I'm going shopping or if your asking someone a question it would be Are you going shopping?

What the difference between he's and his?
The difference is he's means he is going to do something. And his means that it is his

What is the difference between speed and rate?
The difference is, speed is how much you are going or using but rate is how much you have been going or using.

Is there a difference between going out and making out with someone?
making out is kissing. going out is dating

How do you use are in a sentence?
How long are we going to be in the car? Are we there yet? We are here! Good, we are tired of being in the back seat.

What are the examples of shopping?
some examples of shopping are going to Kohls and buying clothes or going to Target and buying a CD

What is the difference between coming and going?
the difference is coming is when your going over there place to just come over here and going is a other word for leaving like leaving there house just going away

What is correct at store or at the store?
The phrase at the store is correct. I am going shopping at the store. You would not say, I am going shopping at store.

How do you answer what you do during your freetime?
I consider "freetime" as when I am not working, going to school, doing things for work or school, or doing things that are necessary- such as shopping for food, cleaning the house, etc. What I do during my freetime tends to be reading, using the computer, hanging out with friends, going out with family, etc. Anything that I do for fun.

What is the difference between management and planning?
the difference is that management is when you look after something and planning is when you plan something your going to do

What is the difference between upstream and downstream in a river?
The difference between upstream and downstream in a river is how the water flows. When you walk along the river and follow the current, you are going downstream. When you go against the current , you are going upstream.

What is the difference between the words argue and persuade?
The difference between the words argue and persuade are . Argue is a form of relevating to what you are going to rgue abojnklf;uyikofjjiy

What is the difference between evaporation and sublimation?
Evaporation is going from liquid to gas. Sublimation is going from solid to gas.

What is the difference between going to the moon in 2020 and back then?

What is the difference between you are going to and you will go to?
Near and distant future, respectively.

How do you get korobos in harvest moon ds?
I'm going to guess that you saw these on the shopping channel, correct? This is the currency of the harvest Sprites, and cannot be raised, received or made. It is just a filler between items on the shopping channel.

Difference between Duracel and Energizer?
Energizer batteries are used exclusively to power the Energizer Bunny, which keeps going and going and going...

Do you enjoy going for shopping in England?
well for me going shopping in England is good although i did not go to England. cause i like shopping anywere but for otheers they may not like it others will it depends on the person

Why do girls like shopping more than men?
Do they? Or is it just the difference of what they are shopping for and how often you see them out doing it? You may see fewer men out shopping at malls and carrying shopping bags of clothing, etc., but that doesn't mean they aren't shopping and buying things and loving every minute of it. I know many women who hate to shop (e.g., me), and many men who are shopaholics. This type of misconception...

What is difference between what is the heck is going on and what is the hell is going on?
They both mean the same thing, but one is a lot nicer.

What is the difference between where were and we're?
where means where are you going and were we were gonna go we're means we're going up dw

What is the difference between the Xbox 360 Elite and the Xbox 360 Premium?
The main difference between the Elite and the Premium is the hard drive space...the Elite comes with a 120 GB hard drive while the Premium comes with a 60 GB hard drive...so it just depends on how much gaming you're going to be doing to which console you'd want to get...also the prices are going to be different because of the hard drive space.

Mother and I is are am going for shopping?
Are, and drop the "for"

What is retail shopping?
Retail shopping is when someone is going shopping for sale items. So, shop till ya drop! :P

What is the difference between about to and going to?
The only real difference in general usage is that "about to" suggests something is to be done very soon, and "going to" suggests something is to be done, but not necessarily right away.

What is the difference between a run on and a comma splice?
The difference between a run on and a comma splice is that a run on just keeps going and a comma splice is when you use a comma incorrectly

What is the difference between push and pull factors?
When you "PUSH" then you are going against "Gravitational Force" but when you are "PULLING" then you are going against force.

What is the difference between constant speed and constant velocity?
Speed is how fast you are going. Velocity is how fast you are going and what direction you are headed in.

What is the difference between a tower of giraffes and a herd of giraffes?
/1s going upward the others going strait ways.=D

What constitutes a declarative sentence?
Sentences are regarded as declarative when the subject comes before the verb. So as an an example: I am going shopping. You are going shopping at this time of night?

What is the best age difference between couples?
Will I am really young. But do not do more or less then 5 years. Because if you do any younger or older. you are going to want to do things that the other person is not even thinking about doing. And if you date older. They are going to want to do things that you are not ready to do. So you want to be with a person that is on the same page...

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