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Top 10 Best Android Apps to Download For Creative People

por Hope Dowell (2019-11-07)

Android is the world's most widely used mobile operating system - yes, what are the best free android apps for download if you're a creative person, illustrator or artist?

With ever more powerful Android devices entering the market, there are more choices than ever for designers who want to create on the go. But the Google Play store can be a confusing place to try to distinguish the sheep from the bucks. So we have a large number of the apps which are rulling over the android app store and are best for designers.

1. Canva

Canvas design program recently made the run for Android.

Price: Free

Provides full design suite features

Intuitive interface

Premium assets require IAP
Canva finished as an online designer since 2012, but only recently made the transition to Android. Recently, the only press release we could get is the iPad version. Android flavor is almost identical with regard to interface and functionality, which are excellent and abundant, respectively. Several of a complete graphic design suite like a trim photo editor Canva can be used to create anything from logos to web mockups with access to a large library of templates, icons, images, and fonts, many of which are free, although Premium Bates requires a purchase in the app.

2. Adobe Capture CC

Draw sketches or images in vectors, brushes or shapes with this Android app.

Price: Free

Use AI to represent similar fonts

Create geometric patterns based on my image

Sync with CC
Adobe Capture is a real Swiss army knife design program that helps you see or sketch vectors, materials, changing brushes and shapes for use in your projects. Capture to recognize Adobe's leading AI technology types of shapes and visually represent similar fonts, create geometric patterns of an image and create color palettes any photo at a time. And along with a Creative Cloud account, your creations are directly available in all Adobe computer programs you use.

3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator's best features in an Android application.

Price: Free

Familiar with Illustrator users

Many useful features

Integrate with desktop applications for CC users
Adobe has launched its vector program Adobe Illustrator Draw launched on Android back in 2016, but already it's basically creating the only trustworthy way vector bills on a mobile device (unless you choose a Windows tablet). Illustrator Draw will be well-known to anyone who uses his desk siblings and does not kick in features, with configurable tools, make, merging options, and more. Of course, Adobe hopes Illustrator Draw will be used with a Creative Cloud subscription and it's really how to make the most of it.

4. Sketchbook

Probably the best free drawing Android app.

Price: Free

Natural drawing experience

170 adjustable brushes

Replaceable predictive stroke
Autodesk is more famous for its class leading 3D programs, but in Sketchbook, it has a strong mainstream drawing program with probably the most natural drawing experience of all. Features include 170 customized brushes, full PSD layers and blend support and interchangeable predictive strokes convert your hand drawn lines and shapes in crisp, precise shapes. Combined with a top-spec Android device - especially the one with a stylus - Sketchbook is probably the best free drawing program.

5. Adobe Photoshop Mix

An easy way to use the image editing android app from Adobe.

Price: Free

Very easy to use

Live synchronizes with Photoshop CC

Not so good for subtle tweaks
An app that makes more specific for great statements like features, Photoshop Mix makes it possible to crop and elements of combining multiple images, making mixes and adjustments to your creations on your Android device. PS Mix big companies on ease of use, and live sync with Photoshop CC, which means that when you make a change on your phone, it will immediately appear on your desktop. You can use all the CC benefits with an Adobe Photography plan, which is a fair bit over a full Creative Cloud subscription savings.

It has many low possibilities; A transformation tool to translate, scale, rotate, rotate, distort and distort; Automatic form detection; a grid for reference or sob but its role-feature function is the ability to create 3D images with five perspective tools. Additionally, a nice addition to Android apps users on Chromebooks built shortcuts.

6. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe's Android Sketch is ideal for DC users.

Price: free

Change a photo in a brush

Ideal for CC users
Photoshop Sketch is just one of the many sketches in our countdown, but Adobe's offer will result in a Creative Cloud subscriber list due to the benefits of the permission of Adobe's packages. However, it is a good sketch program with features like mixing methods, perspective grids and natural drawing tools as well as the ability to use a photo in a brush using CC Capture for the first time. application.

7. AutoCAD - DWG Viewer

Best Android app for CAD benefits.

Price: Free

View and edit 2D and 2D DWG files

Free route available

Smooth, intuitive interface

Prerequisites require a monthly subscription
If your computer installation is your business, Autodesk AutoCAD application is the perfect mobile assistant. It brings your technical drawings to any Android phone or tablet, and includes the ability to view and edit 3D and 2D DWG files. The smooth and intuitive interface is perfect for the touchscreen format, and for on-site visits, you can work offline. When online, synchronize the application with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT on the desktop to ensure continuous workflow.

AutoCAD is free to download to your phone, but it costs 6 / $ 5 per. Month for the Premium and Double version of AutoCAD Ultimate, which adds 100 GB of shooting space and 40 MB of maximum file size.

8. VR Painting

Experience 3D VR painting on a budget.

Price: $ 1.99

Inexpensive way to try VR painting

Strange addiction

Limited brush / color settings

The painting's action is clumsy
If you're looking for the incredible experience of 3D virtual reality, you need Google Tilt Brush software, a very expensive workstation and HTC Vive headphones or the like. Paint VR is very fun but an app to enjoy your Android phone and headset / budget like Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR. OK, it's incredibly easy to have a standard color wheel and a set of basic brushes to choose from and the paint action is very annoying, but it's strangely addictive to try with such limitations as MS Paint with a cheap mechanical mouse to use. in the 1990ies.

9. Paperless

A basic but solid Android application for painting and drawing.

Price: $ 1.99 / 1.50 | Developer: Early Melon

Useful as a basic digital sketchbook

Last update 2013

Can only export to PNG format
Paperless is a solid and easy application for Android tablets that can draw and paint with pencil, watercolor, ink pen and brushes. There are a number of basic tools, including the Eraser tool, the Paint Bucket tool and color picker, and manually determine the thickness, size, transparency and smoothness of the coating. Paperless can not be your only drawing program. Unfortunately, it was last updated in 2013, indicating that it will not be further developed and you can only export to PNG format, but as a simple digital sketchbook, it works well.

10. Artflow

A friendly and simple Android application, but not basic.

Price: free

Large user interface

Intuitive drawing

Include palm rejection

Highly rated

Only two layers in the basic program

Upgrade to Pro for more features
The ArtFlow program is a permanent recording in our listings, primarily because these are the two basic building blocks of interface and design. It is friendly and simple, but it does not mean childish and basic. ArtFlow is definitely an instrument that professional designers find useful. It supports a resolution of 4096 × 4096 pixels, and the fine "Palm Refjection" feature means it will never miss your hand at rest on your sketches.

You have access to 10 tools with the free version plus only two teams and six cancellation levels, but go to Pro and find your toolbox full of 70 brushes, infinite cancellation, 16 layers and more.

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