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Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Pushing His Emotional Hot Buttons

por Dewey Desir (2019-11-11)

After a relationship breakup, you can find many different forms of advice on getting your ex boyfriend back. Some of it will be good and some not so good. However none of it will work unless it helps you push his emotional hot buttons. The reason you must push his hot buttons in order to get your ex back is, love is a psychological feeling. By doing certain things you make him unable to resist you.

What makes a woman so attractive to a man that he feels it will be impossible to live his life without her is not necessarily beauty. Some of the most sought after women in the world today are not beautiful. What makes men follow them around like lost puppies is, they know how to push a man's emotional hot buttons. With some women this seems to be instinctive. But, it doesn't have to be instinctive because any smart woman can learn the way to push the hot buttons of any man she chooses.

When you hear the words male psychology or emotional hot buttons, you might think this is using tricks to get your ex boyfriend back.The only trick about using these very powerful tools to get and keep the man you love is knowing how a man thinks and using that knowledge to please him. If your man is happy to be with you, he will never think of leaving you.

Throughout time man has been the aggressor. He thinks he can walk into a room and choose the woman he wants. The smart woman will allow the man she wants to think he is choosing her, but in truth the woman is always the one who does the choosing. That is why even after a breakup, you cannot chase and beg your man. These actions will turn off his desire for you fast.

Getting your ex boyfriend back can be as simple as making him feel you no longer want him. Nothing pushes a man's emotional hot buttons faster than feeling he can't have something. You might have heard or read about the no contact rule. This is nothing more than making your ex feel you no longer want him. If you ignore him after a breakup, and that is what you are doing when you use the no contact rule, you begin to push his emotional hot buttons.

By making him feel you no longer want him, you are doing what you did when you first met your guy. That is what sparked his interest in you to begin with. The fact that you seemed unavailable to him, pushed his emotional hot button that makes him seek what he thinks he cannot have. The more interest he showed in you, the less interest you showed in him. Soon he was hooked and thought he could not live without you.

Getting your ex boyfriend back and keeping him by pushing his emotional hot buttons, does not require beauty or special educations. You only have to use your instincts as a woman to arouse the instincts he has as a man. Once you learn to do this, he will be yours for cashis good.

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