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How do you say good friend in Scots Gaelic

por Agustin Michel (2019-11-16)

<strong>45<\/strong>2721219537-堆糖,美好生活研究所caraid (friend)

fìor-charaid (true friend)

dlùth-charaid (close friend)

goistidh (bosom friend)

deala-charaid (true friend)

caraid ceart (a real friend)

caomhnach (friend)

How do you say 'thank you friend' in Irish or Scots Gaelic?
In Irish, "Go raibh maith agat, a chara". In Scots Gaelic, "Tapadh leat, a charaid".

How do you say two in Scots Gaelic?
w do you say two in scots gaelic

How do you say castle in Scots Gaelic?
How do say castle in scots

How do you say have a good time in the Gaelic languages?
In Irish Gaelic: Bain sult as! (to one person); to more than one: Bainigí sult as! In Scots Gaelic: ??

How do you say be healthy in Gaelic?
In Irish Gaelic: Bí i do shláinte. In Scots Gaelic: ?

How do you say dirt in Gaelic?
Irish Gaelic: salachar Scots Gaelic: salachar

How do you say Amen in Gaelic?
Irish Gaelic: áiméan Scots Gaelic: amen

How do you say kerr in Gaelic?
In Scots Gaelic, Kerr is MacCeàirr

How do you say Jayce in Scots Gaelic?
Jayce, no Gaelic equivalent.

How do you say dark warrior in Gaelic?
Irish:laoch dorcha Scots Gaelic: ...

How do you say wonderful in Scots Gaelic?
Wonderful in Scottish Gaelic is iongantach.

How do you say quiet in Gaelic?
Irish: ciúin Scots Gaelic: sàmhach

How do you say Philip in Gaelic?
In Irish: Pilib. In Scots Gaelic: Filip.

How do you say duck in Gaelic?
Irish Gaelic: lacha, tonóg Scots Gaelic: M카지노 lach, tunnag

How do you say Nessie in Scots Gaelic?

How do you say King in Scots Gaelic?

How do you say tiny in Gaelic?
In the Irish language: bídeach, mion. In Scots Gaelic: ?

How do you say miracle in Gaelic?
In Irish (Gaeilge) it is míorúilt. The Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig) is ...

How do you say today in Scottish Gaelic?
In Scots Gaelic the word for "today" is an-diugh.

How do you say virgin in Gaelic?
Irish: maighdean Scots Gaelic: òigh; ainnir

How do you say garlic in Gaelic?
The Irish word for 'garlic' is gairleog; Scots Gaelic: ?

How do you say Amanda in Gaelic?
It's still "Amanda" in Irish and Scots Gaelic.

How would you say invincible in Gaelic?
In Irish the word for 'invincible' is DOCHLOÍTE; in Scots Gaelic: ?

How do you say autumn in Gaelic?
In Irish it's "an Fómhar" In Scots Gaelic it's "am Foghar"

How do you say good morning in scottish gallic?
The answers you have given here are in Scots, not in Gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic). The correct answer to the question asked here is very simply - 'Madainn mhath'.

How do you say presentation in Scots Gaelic?

How do you say Wales in Scots Gaelic?
A' Chuimrigh /ə'xumurɪ/

How do you say terrible in Scots gaelic?
uabhasach /uəvəsəx/

How do you say Jenny in Scots Gaelic?
Sìneag [sheenak]

What is Scots Gaelic translation of my darling?
The most common way to say "my darling" in Gaelic would be to say "mo ghraidh".

How do you say left handed in the Gaelic languages?
In Irish ciotach or ciotóach; in Scots Gaelic: ciotach.

How do you say young woman in Gaelic?
Bean óg = Irish, òg-bhean = Scots Gaelic

How do you say little in Scots Gaelic?
The Scottish Gaelic word for 'little' is beag, pronounced beg.

How would you say James the protector in the Gaelic languages?
Scots Gaelic is Seumas an sàbhalaiche. Irish Gaelic is Séamas an cosantóir.

How do you say brilliant in Scots Gaelic?
an fìor dheagh-chor

How do you say Jesus Christ in Scots Gaelic?
Ìosa Crìost

How do you say oatmeal cookie in Scots Gaelic?

How do you say I am sorry in Scots Gaelic?
Tha mi duilich.

How do you say chocolate in Scots Gaelic?
teòclaid also seòclaid

How do you say 'the garage' in Gaelic?
The Irish (Gaeilge) would be an garáiste. The Scots Gaelic: an gharaids.

How do you say Toy Maker in Gaelic?
Scots Gaelic: dealbhadair nan déideagan; Irish: déantóir bréagán

How do you say plague in scottish Gaelic?
'Plague' in Scots Gaelic is plàigh which is pronounced like 'ply' in English.

How do you say wolf cub in Scots Gaelic?
The Scottish Gaelic term for 'wolf cub' is cana-siogach.

How do you say i like you a lot in Gaelic?
Taitníonn tú go mór liom. (Irish) Scots Gaelic (?)

How do you say cooking in Gaelic?
In Gaelic (Scots) it's còcaireachd (pronounced koh-kair-och-k)

How do you say Merry Christmas in Gaelic?
Irish Gaelic: Nollaig shona dhuit! (or dhaoibh, pl.) Scots Gaelic: Nollaig Chridheil

How do you say 'Welcome' in Gaelic?
Failte is the Gaelic word for welcome Another answer: In Irish: Fáilte; in Scots Gaelic: Fàilte

How do you say your Friend in Gaelic?
In Irish Gaelic do chara (your friend); in Scottish Gaelic do charaid.

How do you say godspeed in Scottish?
Scots dialect of English or Scottish Gaelic?

How do you say we wish in gaelic?
There are two languages called Gaelic: a Scottish one and an Irish one. In Irish: Is mian linn. In Scots Gaelic: .....

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