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Facebook why cant you get on Facebook anymore

por Fern Embry (2019-11-18)

Make facebook my home page

How do you move photos to a different folder on facebook?
they dont have the 'move' button anymore so you cant

How do you log out or sign out of facebook its not shown on the site logout or signout anymore?
ya i cant find it either this is a terrible new layout

How do you remove username in facebook?
You can only change your facebook username two times before you cant change it anymore. So make sure you only do it twice. The only thing you can do after that is delete your account.

Where site can you play market street by playdom?
I used to play market street on facebook. But one day when i was getting on it said that it wasnt on fb anymore. I have searched alot on where to play it, but yo just cant anymore:(

Does Vietnam have Facebook?
Facebook is not blocked anymore.

Who is dan whitesides girlfriend?
All I know is her name is Brittni. I keep trying to find a picture of them but I cant seem to find one of her and him anywhere. She use to have a facebook, or she put it on private cause I cant find that anymore either.

How do you cheat in backyard monster in facebook?
you cant cheat anymore really without a cheat engine sorry but if you do have a cheat engine its still quite hard but there is some how to's on youtube

How do you tell a friend you cant be friends anymore?
you tell him "We cant be friends anymore because...."

How do you put a .gif image on Facebook?
we cant share a gif image in the facebook because the facebook cant accept this format.

What is the webkinz website's email?
You cant email them anymore, you have to call them! You cant email them anymore, you have to call them!

When i get my layout for Facebook where do i put it?
you cant have a layout on facebook

How do you erase Facebook?
You cant, once you have a facebook your stuck with it.

Why cant you receive Facebook messages ON Facebook?
I received every message on facebook.

What does max for max mean on YoVille a Facebook app?
Its when you game each other Rock Paper Scissors (Rps) earning cash until your maxed which means when you cant earn anymore coins. §Jake§

What is greyson chance's REAL facebook?
website There is his new facebook. and real Yes! He does in fact have a Facebook, however it is just a page you cant befriend him you can only like his page. I Got to be his friend!! for a few months, because a friend of mine is a mutual. but then, he deleted his account, and i couldn't find him anymore. that facebook page couldn't be found..

Does kindra laurent have a facebook?
Not anymore he doesn't

How do you go on Facebook as a guest?
you cant get on facebook like a guest

How do you go out of timeline in Facebook?
You cant every Facebook page has to have that.

What does ceeb mean on facebook?
Cant Be Arsed / Cant be bothered

If someone blocks you from seeing their facebook profile can they still see your Facebook profile?
no, they cant see anything you do, and you cant see anything they do!

How do you cheat on Facebook pathwords?
you cant! ..you can! how!!! see the 'Facebook Cheats' website

You can't log on to my Facebook account?
cant log onto my facebook account nothing has been changed and no one has my imformation,anything to with facebook and it tells me it cant be found. account temporarily disabled.

How do you close out Facebook account?
You cant close a facebook acount, you can only disactivate it.

Can we remove timeline from facebook?
You cant remove timeline from your facebook only if you just put it on you have 7 days to change it back to your normal account if you dont remove it in 7 days you cant get it off your facebook

How do you go about removing your name from Facebook?
I dont have a facebook but you cant unless you do that at the beginning of creating ur facebook account.

Would a girl not like me anymore if she found out I didn't have a Facebook?
No, no girl would automatically not like you if you don't have a Facebook.

How do you remove facebook timeline?
You cant!! :'(

You dont want to be on Facebook anymore?
no entered site in error

What is an example informative language?
add me on facebook, do not study anymore

How do you get in a glitch on call of duty world nazi zobies xbox?
Well u cant get in them anymore the people who made it patched it so u cant get in them anymore

Why can you not update your status on Facebook?
you just cant its no big deal if you can or cant anyway

When you chat with someone on Facebook how do you change the sound?
You cant. There is no options on Facebook to change the sound.

Is Duane Lee Chapman on Facebook or Twitter?
He was on Twitter @DuaneLChapman and 온라인바카라쿠폰 he was on facebook at: Duane Lee Chapman Fan page, but he is not anymore.

How do you know if someone blocks you on Facebook?
No! You just can't get to their Facebook page anymore if you were friends. Or, they may have changed their settings to Private.

How do you upload a picture onto dice with buddies without signing into facebook?
You can't. Not anymore. They integrated it with Facebook awhile back.

How do you get out of nacht der untoten?
You cant anymore

Where do you get the azure flute in platniam?
you cant get it anymore

How do you add Facebook credits on Facebook for free?
unfortunaltly u cant get free facebook credits without doing quiz's or videos

How can you check someone's IP address via Facebook?
u cant u cant

How can you get my facebook inbox history?
You cant, only the viewable messages, if they are deleted they cant be recovered

How do you get rid of a timeline on Facebook?
unfortunately, you cant. Once people have it, they cant get rid of it again!

Can you update on Facebook without internet?
Many cell phones and providers allow you to update Facebook by text messaging. no you cant it will cost you if you try and update it on a mobile as it will use the internet... but no you cant update facebook without the internet xxx

Why can't I get into my Facebook account?
I have a new phone, i changed my password, and i still cant open my facebook

Why cant you log in to facebook?
Do All the stuff

How do you see who searches you on Facebook?
no you cant sorry....

How do you restart a game on facebook?
you cant, really...

Can you play FrontierVille without facebook?
no,you cant.

Can you go on facebook with the kyocera laylo?
No you cant.

Can you block someone on Facebook who has deactivated their account?
No because if they have deactivated their account they're not on facebook anymore so you wouldn't need to block them.

How do you create Facebook email?
If your talking an email like "Example@facebook.com" those are reserved for facebook, facebook user's cant get an "@facebook.com" adress.

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