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Sources of food nutrients

por Rachele Arredondo (2019-11-22)

the food

Food nutrients come from the food we ate everyday. Besides we can also get nutrients from food supplements.

What are the sources of the seven types of food nutrients?
veges and fruit

share: What does they word nutrients mean?
Sources of nourishment, especially a nourishing ingredient in a food.

share: How do you get nutrition?
You get nutrition from food. Different food sources give you certain nutrients to keep your body healthy and alive.

share: What are the adjective and adverb in the sentence Plant sources of food contain many nutrients?
There are no adverbs. The word many is an adjective (number of nutrients). The word plant could be considered an adjective for the noun food, but is more strictly a noun adjunct that makes "plant sources" the subject.

share: What are sources for each of the nutrients?
Give 2 sources of each nutrients?

share: What is the best non-perishable food?
One of the best sources of nutrients and protein is found in dried beans and peas.

share: Does the plant upon which a bug feeds have nutrients?
Yes, the plant upon which a bug feeds has nutrients. Plants represent food sources for bugs, who seek such nutrients as minerals in order to support such life-sustaining activities as growing, mating, respiring.

share: What are non essential and essential nutritional requirements?
The essential nutrients your body requires include vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats (essential fatty acids), water and oxygen. Non-essential nutrients are nutrients that your body can produce internally from food sources.

share: Are people heterotroph?
People are heterotrophic organisms. They are unable to manufacture their own food and must obtain their nutrients and energy source from external sources.

share: What are the 3 nutrients that provides the human body energy?
Not sure what you're looking for, but fat, carbohydrates, and protein are the three sources of calories in food.

share: Chart of all nutrients with their sources and deficiency diseases?
A chart of all nutrients with their sources and the deficiency diseases that one may acquire when one isnâ??t eating enough of these sources can help motivate one into eating better. For instance, if one isnâ??t getting enough Vitamin A they can develop eye weakness and cataracts. Vitamin A is found in such food sources as fish liver, eggs, and milk.

share: Why do plants make food using sunlight and not just eat food?
Plants are the producers of the food chain, whether they are algae, lichens, 바카라사이트 or green plants. As autotrophs, they absorb nutrients from natural sources, and most then use sunlight to create carbohydrates, which are used by the rest of the food chain. Some plants do feed on other plants and animals to acquire their nutrients.

share: Can you live off just milk?
No. You need other nutrients from other food sources that milk lacks or does not have. If you live off of just milk, you will be deficient in nutrients like Vitamin C, and potassium, among many others.

share: Do flies eat baby flies?
A fly has a sponge for a mouth. Not a very effective predator. With this sponge, they suck up nutrients from food and other sources.

share: How does the cactus get its food?
The cactus gets its food by taking in water and dissolved nutrients through the roots. The nutrients and water flow up through the stem. With the help of sunlight, the photosynthetic process takes place of changing water and nutrients into such energizers as sugars and carbohydrates. The energy sources then are sent throughout the plant to help in such basic processes as growing and flowering.

share: Eubacteria unicellular or multicellular?
Eubacteria are prokaryotiic unicellular microorganisms. Some can manufacture their own food, while others depend on external sources for nutrients and energy.

share: Explain the relationship between food and nutrients?
the relationship between food and nutrients is that food gets broken down i to pieces of nutrients so basically food is made up of nutrients

share: An organism that must take in food is an?
All organisms need energy in the form of food to grow, move and carry out body functions.Plants make their own using water, trace nutrients and sunlight. Animals use outside food sources.

share: Which is not a function of nutrients-?
Storing food is not a function of nutrients because nutrients are derived from food.

share: Where do ants get their nutrients?
Ants are omnivores, meaning that they get there nutrients from both plant and animal sources. Different species will eat different things, but many ants will eat all manner of edible things, including scraps of food we leave behind.

share: What absorbs the nutrients from your food?
Your small intestines are where nutrients from food are absorbed

share: What do baby flies do when baby flies are born?
They have a sponge like mouth parts and like adult flies they use this sponge, to suck up nutrients from food and other sources.

share: If you don't eat red meat or pork will your hair still grow normally?
Yes. Hair growth depends on nutrients that can be found in many vegetable and other food sources.

share: What nutrients are sources of energy?
Carbohydrates and fats.

share: What is the function of the duodenum in a frog?
It helps to absorb food and nutrients from the food. it absorbs food and nutrients

share: Is there nutrients in junk food and fast food?
There are nutrients in every sort of food, both good and bad.

share: What food groups contain nutrients?
All food groups contain nutrients.

share: Distinguish between autotrophs heterotrophs in terms of nutrient requirements?
Autotrophs are able to produce their own food using their surroundings and do not require an additional source of food. Heterotrophs must find outside sources of nutrients, as they cannot produce their own.

share: What can the ingredients list of a food product tell you?
When you are shopping for heart-healthy groceries, you will want to review two sources of information on a food's package: the Nutrition Facts panel that lists the amount of various nutrients in the food, as well as the ingredients list.

share: How does an worm take in food and digests its food?
The worm doesnt exactly digest food. It goes through the soil to get nutrients and the nutrients sit on the skin of the worm it absorbs into the worm and that's how it eats food. That's why worms are good for the soil. They have nutrients in them and take in new nutrients and release old nutrients which make the soil have nutrients as the worm goes through.

share: What nutrients are your body's primary energy sources?

share: What are vegetables and fruits are good sources of?
nutrients and vitamins

share: What types of nutrients is found in each food groups in food pyramids?
what are the Major Nutrients in each food group?

share: What is the nutrients in grow food?
What nutrients are found in grow food? Glucose,protein, and vitamins

share: What food nutrients do the producers in the constructed food nutrient cycle contain?
the answer is the food nutrients si do with producers if the food is constructed of nutrient cycle?

share: Components of food or food matierials and sources?
The food for plants is basically obtained from the soil. The nutrients that are found in the soil are absorbed by the roots, by a simple process of diffusion. The plants then indulge in processes to make their own food. The components of food, in general, are carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins. These are obtained from fruits, vegetables, seeds and variety of animals.

share: What food nutrients provide calories?
Calories come from three sources: Protein: 4 calories per gram Fat: 9 calories per gram Carbohydrates (such as sugar): 4 calories per gram Basically all food is an combination of these.

share: How does energy and nutrients move in an ecosystem?
Energy moves through the ecosystem, starting as sunlight absorbed by plants, which is used to produce carbohydrates, which store energy, and sometimes these are converted into fats. Carbohydrates and fats are consumed by herbivorous animals, and carnivorous animals consume the herbivores to get the energy originally captured by plants. As for nutrients, such as vitamins or minerals, most of them are absorbed or produced by plants, and are later consumed by animals higher up the... Read More

share: Are pondweeds predators or prey?
Pondweeds can be both predators and prey. They function as predators in competing with other aquatic plants for nutrients and space and as prey in providing food sources for aquatic animals such as fish.

share: Does Venus have food sources?
No, Venus does not have any food sources.

share: Is a protein shake food?
yes. a protein shake is food. it contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein and water. anything that contains nutrients is considered food. yes. a protein shake is food. it contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein and water. anything that contains nutrients is considered food.

share: The nutrients which serve as the main sources of energy for the body are?
The nutrients that serve as the main sources of energy for the body are carbohydrates. The body uses the carbohydrates to make glucose which is the basic functional molecule of energy in cells.

share: To avoid loss of nutrients during food preparation?
to avoid loss of nutrients food preparation

share: How do gymnosperms get food?
they absorb water and nutrients through their roots then turn the nutrients into food. they are autotrophic

share: How do fish get their nutrients?
Fishes do get nutrients by the food they eat, some of their food includes planktons and algae.

share: What is assimilation of food nutrients in the human body?
assimilation is the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat by our body

share: How are nutrients important to plant growth?
Nutrients are food therefore they need food to survive. Hi, There are three important nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassinitrogen.

share: Where do near shore zones get their nutrients?
They get it from the water sources around them!

share: What nutrients do you get energy from?
You can only get nutrients from food. Energy is the result of getting lots of nutrients!

share: How does an intestine work?
The small intestine absorbs food and nutrients. The small intestine absorbs food and nutrients.

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