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Best Christmas Stocking Fillers for Kids

por Andy Zamudio (2019-11-30)

I start looking for stocking stuffers for Christmas early in the year. In fact, I spend quite a lot of time choosing which presents to give to my kids and my nephews. That's because I really like the happy look on their faces when they open something they really love.

If you're like me and you're also looking for great stocking fillers, here are some great ideas.

To start with, learning-friendly stocking stuffers are often great gifts. The child will not only be learning something but the parents will be just as happy as well. Small traveling flashcards are always great I think. So are age-appropriate books that teach the child whatever it is he/she is currently learning in school.

Of these educational toys, science-related toys are really nice. There are the popular volcano building sets, the make your own crystal at home toys, or even robot building toys. These are all fun for anna og lotte dukke kids and it doesn't hurt that they're learning something in the process too.

Another thing to give is something funny. A toy figure that makes funny noises often bring loads of fun during a cold Christmas morning. Also think about little toys that are not often given to them like fake snow (which reminds me, you can use these too as footprints in your house and pretend they're from Santa's boots!) or even a funny wig (my 4 year old loved hers when she got it last year!)

Thirdly, I make sure I wrap something they can use. So if I am giving a gift for a little baby, I'll think about teethers, booties or baby toothbrush. If the presents are for older children, a little tambourine or a harmonica are great ideas too.

Toiletries are another lovely idea. Child-friendly soaps and shampoos with a cartoon character are always a lovely addition in the bathroom. Buying kid-friendly and organic toiletries are often very well-received by both parents and children. By the children, because they often come in cute packages and by the parents because they know their children are going to be using something that is safe for them.

Lastly, I make sure there's a special treat in there somewhere - chocolate, candy canes, marshmallows. These are always great at whatever time of the year. If you prefer something healthier, a piece of fresh fruit or a packet of dried fruit are great addition too.

Whatever present you decide to give, just make sure you're giving something that fits the child's current mental stage and you know that it's going to be a good Christmas stocking stuffer.

For more Christmas ideas, have a look at these 100 stocking stuffers for kids that children would no doubt love to get. For older children, these sstocking stuffers for kids under 10 are a great read too!

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