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What's More Important To Know? When it's time to buy timeshare, it's easy to get confused about the ratings of a property versus its real demand

por Murray Stallworth (2019-12-04)

What's More Important To Know?

When it's time to buy timeshare, it's easy to get confused about the ratings of a property versus its real demand. It's really important to understand what the real meaning of resort ratings are, so you can make an informed decision and the best purchase for your vacation property.

Are ratings important?

When you buy timeshare the answer is yes and no. For example, there are some resort timeshare companies such as RCI that have a gold crown rating. It is an award given to the best properties in the resort system. The question of ratings can come up when you buy timeshare mainly for exchange value as a selling point.

When you buy timeshare you want to have a property that is in demand and valuable for exchange reasons. This is because when you buy timeshare, you might not want to vacation at the same destination year after year. So the thought is to purchase a timeshare at a resort that other people want to go to also. That's why many people buy timeshare in places like Hawaii, California and even the Caribbean.

So with that said, a high resort rating assures you that you're going to buy a timeshare that is at a first class resort, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be able to exchange it for any other highly rated destination.

For example, if you buy timeshare in Bend, Oregon and it has a gold star rating, that doesn't mean you're going to be able to exchange your time for a gold star rated resort in Hawaii.

A high rating doesn't guarantee and equal exchange

This concept, when you buy timeshare, is often misunderstood by even those that are selling you your timeshare week. Many people that buy timeshare for the very first time go for a resort that's highly rated, because they think they'll have equal exchanging power.

There's nothing wrong when you buy timeshare to want to own property at a highly rated and well-run resort. If you like the area and what it has to offer, you will have a great place to stay every year.

However, location and demand is far more important in having the best possibility of successfully exchanging your vacation time from year to year. A resort in Maui might not have the highest rating, but because of it's location, you can exchange your week for practically any top resort in the world. If you have both a high rating and an in demand location when you buy timeshare, it will give you the very best exchange leverage.

In conclusion, don't be confused when you buy timeshare between a higher rating and an in demand popular destination. If your goal is to buy timeshare that you can use to exchange for other destinations frequently, then even a good quality resort in a high demand location is always better than a high rated resort in a location that most people really don't want to exchange for their vacation time.

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