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Ten Reasons To Purchase P2P Software Systems

por Percy Elmer (2019-12-05)

\ud1a0\ub80c\ud2b8 \uc0ac\uc774\ud2b8 \ucd94\ucc9c \uc21c\uc704 Top (2019-03-12) - \uacf5\ub300CCProcure to pay better known as p2p deals with the entire process, right from procuring of raw materials from suppliers to the payment of bills for 게임 추천 the raw materials supplied. An employee creates a requisition to buy a product from a particular supplier and if the request is approved by the concerned authorities then the purchase order is sent to the supplier. Upon fulfilment of the order by the supplier, payment is made by the accounts department of the organization to the supplier. This long and tedious process needs to be simplified. The goal of p2p system is to make it a time efficient process.

There are a number of systems with different features available in the market and depending on your requirements appropriate system can be chosen by your organization. Some of the common features present in most of the systems are given below:

1.Digital data is easy to manage and several backup copies can be created. It also helps to create reports and analysis can be carried out on digital data.

2.Reduces the turnaround time required from requisition to purchase of goods.

3.Customized approval management process can be designed for efficient workflow.

4.Notifies about the new requests and these requisitions can be approved online by the manager.

5.User can check the status of the requisition. For example, the user sees the status as "order sent for dispatch but not received yet".

6.Integrated purchase and payment solution helps to speed up the process as the same data entered for requisition is converted to a purchase order, then to a receipt, followed by a voucher and finally the payment is made.

7.It allows accounts department to control expenses better by knowing the actual amount spent till date as compared to the budget allocated.

8.The system can be tailored according to the company rules and policies to prevent excessive buying.

9.Most of these software's are compatible with the leading ERP systems like Oracle and SAP.

10.Depending on the designations of the employees, different employees will have access to different supplier catalogues. For example, an IT manager will have access of suppliers dealing only with IT products whereas the admin will have access of suppliers dealing with stationary products.

Apart from these features, an organization can get certain customized features for their use. With so many features available at the disposal, p2p systems have replaced the old time consuming manual process.

P2P systems have simplified the traditional manual process of claiming expenses. Different software's available in the market have different features to offer. An organization can choose any particular software based on its specific requirements.

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