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Buying Timeshare Resales Can Save You Thousands

por Rashad Roller (2019-12-05)

As families plan their spring and summer vacations this year, many are sure to end up taking a "timeshare tour" while on vacation. The spacious condos at timeshare resorts provide much nicer accommodations than hotels, with full kitchens, spacious living areas, and private bedrooms - making buying on tour very appealing. Over the course of a 2 hour sales pitch, many families will become convinced to buy a timeshare, and end up spending thousands more than necessary. There are often owners at the very same resort who want to sell timeshare, and are willing to accept a much lower sale price than the developer! In addition, if you finance the timeshare with a developer, expect interest rates much higher than traditional real estate (usually 15 - 19%).

The best option for families that decide to buy a timeshare is to take a tour, see the resort, and listen to the asking prices - but leave before you buy. After the tour, you can shop the internet for timeshare resales at that resort. Not only will you find the very same units listed for sale by owner for thousands less, but many will have negotiable sale prices, so you can make your best offer. If you need to finance the timeshare, you'll have time to investigate all of your lending options: Many families will use a home equity line of credit, or even a low interest rate credit card, to buy timeshare resales. However, if you need a timeshare mortgage, the interest rates on the resale market are usually about 5% less than the developers charge.

Many people buy timeshare from the developer because they've been told the resale market is unsafe - they would why someone would want to sell timeshare and not use it. The truth is that timeshares only make financial sense if you use them, and when an owner is not longer using their timeshare, it just makes sense to sell it to someone else. If you decide to invest in timeshare resales, you won't be paying the owner directly. There are many competent Title Companies that exclusively handle timeshare closings for individuals that want to buy or sell timeshares. These companies hold your funds in escrow while they complete a title search, transfer the timeshare deed or lease into your name, and provide title insurance. You won't need to attend the closing, like buying a home, because timeshare closings are performed using the mail, or an express carrier. Just be prepared to sign the paperwork in front of a notary where you live.

When you've found an owner that's ready to sell timeshare for a great price, arranged your financing, and attended to the closing paperwork, you'll be able to start using your new timeshare. Plan a vacation to your home resort, or exchange through Resort Condominiums International, or Interval International, and you can use timeshare resales anywhere in the world. It helps to plan early to get the very best exchanges.) You'll feel safe knowing that you bought at a great price - if your needs change, and you are no longer vacationing; you won't be forced to sell timeshare for a loss. After a great vacation, you'll be recommending timeshare resales to your friends and family, because they provide luxury vacations, and they save you thousands!

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ISSN: 1980-5861