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What does a variable interest rate on my current bank account imply? - Answers.com

por Toney Reagan (2019-12-07)

A variable interest rate on a current bank account would imply that the interest rate fluctuates over time. Market conditions will determine the value of the interest earned.

http%3A%2F%2Fblogfiles.naver.net%2FMjAxOWhats does an increase in nominal GDP imply?
When the nominal GDP increases it implies that prices have increased. Nominal GDP is current prices and real GDP takes prices changes into account.

How do you solve a problem with an integer and a variable when the variable is not in place of a number?
A variable must be in place of a number, or representing a range of possible values. Otherwise, it is a constant and so yous imply replace it with the value of that constant.

Would the absence of independent variable imply a cause and effect relationship between 2 variables?
No, it would not. It is possible that the statistical model is under-specified and that the variables being studied are all "caused" by another variable.

Are resistor drops the voltage or current?
Are resistor drops the voltage or current? ANSWER: The voltage DROP is a way to imply that the voltage no matter of the value is what it must be whether it is measured or calculated

What is the difference between immigration?
And what? Emmigration? Immigrants are looking to enter a new country, while emmigrants are looking to leave their current country. 'Im' being the prefix to imply incoming, as in importing, while 'Em' is the prefix to imply outgoing, or exporting.

What is the implication of any correlation found between the variables?
Correlation is a measure of the degree to which two variables change together. Positive correlation means that the variables increase together and decrease together. Negative correlation means that one variable increases when the other decreases. Correlation does not imply causality.

When a creditor reports account information to a finance company and they report it as late does this imply that you were 30 days late?
Your credit report will show if an account was 30/60/90 days late. After 90 days, the account could show as a 'charge-off' or 'collection'.

Would you please use 'imply' in a sentence?
A: What does the look on his face imply? B: It implies that he doesn't like the plan. Just exactly what do you mean to imply by that? What ARE you trying to imply? Please imply elswhere.

What is a sentence with imply?
His demeanor seemed to imply the worst. I would not imply that.

What is your reaction to romantic love?
a website love/a> is love defined by a biological and emotional attatchment to someone but doesn't necessarily imply a sexual interest.

If infer is to inference what is imply to?
Implication is the noun form of imply. You infer an inference and imply an implication.

What does raunchy sense of humor mean?
This means a interest in humor based on sex, body, and bodily functions. Raunchy would imply that the humor is tasteless and offensive to many listeners.

Is the Likert scale an interval measurement?
Technically is an ordinal level measurement - because the options imply a hierarchy (i.e low to high levels of your variable of interest), but we cannot say that the difference between each level is precisely the same as you would be able to with an interval measurement. There is some controversy over this though, and it is still often used like an interval measurement in statistical tests, although this might not really be appropriate.

What challenges do you face in your current job?
Sometimes in an interview a person may be asked about current challenges in their current job. The question does not imply there is a weakness. This is asked to determine if the challenge is one that is able to be handled professionally or if the person is not able to handle the challenge that may be expected to be handled by the current job position being interviewed for.

Is it correct to write does it imply or does it implies?
does it imply - is correct.

When a boy bumps shoulders with you is he flirting?
Of course not. It is a possibility, but usually it is a more friendly gesture. If you have enough male friends, you would notice that they do it without trying to imply any romantic interest.

What is the correlation coefficient of -0.80 is found between factor A and factor B?
The correlation coefficient is a statistical measure of the extent to which two variables change. A correlation coefficient of -0.80 indicated that, on average, an increase of 1 unit in variable X is accompanied by a decrease of 0.8 units in variable Y. Note that correlation does not imply causation.

What is the noun form of imply?
Implication is the noun form of "imply."

What instrument measures voltage and current?
Voltmeter. Current and voltage are two different things. They are closely related but a current does not imply a voltage and nor does a voltage imply a current. A volt meter is used to measure a voltage. The voltage may be across a battery or other power source. It may be across a component such as a resistor or a group of components. If a current is flowing through a resistor, there will be a...

Does a regression model imply causation?
No it doesn't. Cause and effect is not demonstrated with regression, it only shows that the variables differ together. One variable could be affecting another or the affects could be coming from the way the data is defined.

What are example sentences of the word imply?
I'm not sure what you're trying to imply by that statement.

What is it to like someone based on their personality not on their gender?
If "to like" implies "to be sexually interested," it could easily indicate bisexuality. If it doesn't imply sexual interest, it would mean that one's sexuality doesn't play into one's interest in friends or acquaintances. And if nothing else, it's simply progressive!

What is a sentence with the word imply?
I was trying to imply to her that I liked her, but it didn't work.

How do you use the word imply in a sentence?
Imply evidence of a big bang

Does postmodernism imply meaninglessness?
Postmodernism is meaningless, so it can imply nothing.

What is meant by thermal velocity of an electron?
It means that due to the temperature, electrons move back and forth randomly, even if there is no current. A current would imply a systematic movement of electrons, i.e., more electrons moving in one direction than in the other.

How do you use imply in a sentence?
I can imply that she is saying the object is hidden over in the corner.

What does imply mean in brief?
The verb to imply: to suggest or indicate without direct statement.

What is t prefix of the word imply?
The prefix of the word imply is IM it means not or non(:

What is true about correlation?
It is a measure of the strength of a linear relationship between one dependent variable and one or more explanatory variables. It is very important to recognise that a high level of correlation does not imply causation. Also, it does not provide information on non-linear relationships.

Did god really heal people?
yes he did - Just to point out your wording, "did" as in past tence would imply that there is now no longer any God, which would account for his total lack of healing or answering of prayers.

Can the same variable equal two different numbers in one equation?
No, but a variable can have more than one value in an inequality such as x > 10. In that inequality, x can be 11, 12, 13, 14, or anything else higher than 10. That is not to say, however, 카지노사이트 that the same variable can't be equal to two different expressions or formulas. The equations x=10 and x=y+5 are completely valid. In fact, those expressions imply that 10=y+5, or that y=5.

What is the message the movie inception wants to imply?
It is a science fiction movie. It does not imply any message.

What kind of goals would you have in mind if you got this job?
If you are asked what kind of goals you would have in mind if you got a job in an interview, you need to be focused. Your answer should imply that you will have the best interest of the company at heart and your goals are to make it better.

To give a hint about something is the same as?
Two words that mean "to give a hint about something" are imply or intimate. Imply: strongly suggest the truth or existence of Intimate: Imply or make known

How did Herod Antipas die?
The emperor Caligula had Herod Antipas exiled to Gaul, where he died. Cassius Dio, in the third century, seems to imply that Caligula had him killed there, but modern historians usually treat this account with scepticism.

To give a hint about something is the same as to?
Two words that mean "to give a hint about something" are imply or intimate. Imply: strongly suggest the truth or existence of Intimate: Imply or make known

What is the meaning of the name Trixie?
Variation of either Beatrix ( current Queen of Netherlands) or a nickname based on ( Aviatrix) a woman pilot- hence, a Faaassst girl. Could also imply she Plays Tricks, that is Shenanigans.

What does it mean to be straight?
To be straight used to mean honest, forthright and trustworthy. The current use and understanding of the word means to not be gay. Gay used to imply a feeling of joy and happiness. The current use and understanding of gay implies the tendency or desire to engage in sexual behavior with a member of your own gender.

How would you use imply in a sentence?
She knows how to imply that someone is stupid or arrogant with a witty retort, instead of stating it outright, which allows her the satisfaction of telling people off, without the social repercussions. I didn't mean to imply that you were stupid, but merely arrogant, pretentious and boorish. Her statement, as phrased, seems to imply that she feels she bears no responsibility whatsoever for his death. I was very hurt that he would imply that...

What is the difference between correlation analysis and regression analysis?
In linear correlation analysis, we identify the strength and direction of a linear relation between two random variables. Correlation does not imply causation. Regression analysis takes the analysis one step further, to fit an equation to the data. One or more variables are considered independent variables (x1, x2, ... xn). responsible for the dependent or "response" variable or y variable.

Under current cnsumer protection laws is fastfood marketing aimed at children misleading?
Under current laws, fast food marketing to children is regulated. The laws do not explicitly say that the advertisements are misleading, but they imply that it is unethical to market unhealthy food to children who cannot make informed choices about food.

What does the temperature mark mean on electrical wire?
The temperature marking on a cable is highest temperature that the insulation may be exposed to in operation. It does not imply that the wire is suitable for operation at that temperature. What is does imply is that when cable heating due to current flow is taken into account with the applicable ambient temperature, there is a thermal limit that must taken into account. When any wire carries current, it heats up a little. If...

Is being sassy good or bad?
It can be both. Being sassy can imply that you are sarcastic and kind of edgy but it can also imply that you are snobby.

When to use intrigued with or intrigued by?
You would use intrigued with to imply making secret plans to do something evil; for example, "the group was intrigued with malice." On the other hand, intrigued by shows arousal of interest or fascination. An example would be: "He was intrigued by the sentiments on TV."

Why do global variables make a program difficult to debug?
The term variables imply that those things may be changed or assigned with new value (at numerous places). This make the program harder to debug because it will be difficult to know when and where a global variable being changed and what was the consequence of that value changed.

What does the king imply when he says that he doesn't get to vote either?
He might imply that his vote should count just as others do. Although he is the king.

What is the similarities between correlation analysis and regression analysis?
Correlation analysis seeks to establish whether or not two variables are correlated. That is to say, whether an increase in one is accompanied by either an increase (or decrease) in the other most of the time. It is a measure of the degree to which they change together. Regression analysis goes further and seeks to measure the extent of the change. Using statistical techniques, a regression line is fitted to the observations and this line...

How many amps is 230 vac?
This question is nonsensical, there is no answer. 230V AC describes a 230 volt potential (in form of alternating current), but does not imply a minimum, maximum or actual current (ampere). In Western Europe, 230VAC or 240VAC domestic circuitry is typically fused with 13A, 16A or 20A, but other values are possible and common.

What does it mean to dream about clear water?
Very generally, an image of clear water is very positive. It could mean that you expect a clear course ahead of you without interference or problems. Or it could refer to your clear understanding of what needs to be done. A more specific interpretation depends on many other variable that might apply to water. A glass of clear water would imply ingesting that clarity, while a bathtub or pool of clear water would imply immersing...

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