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Holidays in La Manga Club

por Tamera Poling (2019-12-14)

I can just picture it now, the sun is beaming down, the temperature is warm and I am sitting in a luxurious townhouse with Holidays in La Manga Club. This is one of the fantastic clubs available on the south east coast of Spain in a beautiful city called Murcia.

You are probably wondering why you would choose holidays in La Manga Club rather than anywhere else in Spain, well the first thing is that they enjoy over three hundred days of sunshine each year, so you get to enjoy the warmer weather throughout the year.

Sports and Leisure Facilities

The second thing is that they have loads of sports and leisure facilities and a range of fantastic communities for you to choose from. The properties are all separated into quaint communities which boost townhouses, apartments and luxurious villas which you can rent and enjoy during your holidays to La Manga Club.

Spend the days having a round of golf at one of the three golf courses with your friends or play some couples tennis at one of the twenty eight tennis centres before heading off to the football centre with the boys. Later in the day use the fitness centre and then a dip in the pool before joining the family for a cocktail on the patio while the sun sets.

That is just inside the La Manga Club, but what does outside have to offer. Murcia is a beautiful village surrounded by hills and mountains just waiting to be explored. Go hiking, cycling or bicycle riding in the sunshine whenever you want, because remember the sun is always shining here.

Lots of History and Culture

Then there are cathedrals, monasteries and museums for those who want to soak up some culture and history about the area or there are regional parks, 성인웹툰 추천 perfect for leisurely walks and quiet picnics in the sunshine.

Of course let's not forget the blue waters and sandy beaches nearby, we all head to Spain to take advantage of the fabulous beaches so why should Holidays to La Manga Club be any different? Lie on the beach and soak up the sun or go surfing in the lapping waves, have a romantic stroll along the shoreline before heading to one of the superior restaurants for a light dinner before heading back to the club.

Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities are amazing and if you love being outdoor exploring, walking or even swimming, you will love the holidays at La Manga Club, there are loads for the children to do too with swimming and playing on the beaches and let's not forget the football centre.

It's a holiday the whole family can enjoy at an affordable price, because of course you can travel to Spain on a tight budget, which is as important at the moment as we all try to hold onto every penny we have.

Holidays in La Manga Club are alive with sport and leisure facilities, sunshine and comfort.

ISSN: 1980-5861