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Why Comic and Animation in Japan Becomes So Powerful

por Hubert Stubbs (2019-12-18)

\ub9ce\uc774 \ubcf8 \ub274\uc2a4\ub098 \ub313\uae00 \uac19\uc740\uac74 \ud3b8\uc9d1\uc790\uac00 \uaf34\ub9ac\ub294\ub370\ub85c \uc62c\ub9ac\ub294\uac70\uc784 ...According to incompletely statistics, there are more than 400 comic and animation production companies in Japan. During the development of comic and animation industry in Japan, a group of international top-class comic artist and animation director appear in the stage. In addition, there are lots of artist and animation painters who work hard in the first line. With the popularity and development of television and Internet media, Japan comic and animation industry get the best opportunity to develop. Rapid expansion and high-value assets have promoted the cartoon industry in Japan become the capital incubator.

Generally speaking, there are three levels in Japan comic and animation market. The first one is TV play or film broadcast market, the second market is to sell all kinds of cartoon drawings and audio-visual products and finally the last market can be called derivative products market, including too many aspects such as comic and animation related theme clothing, toys, beverages, daily necessities and so on. Among all these three markets, the last one, derivative products market, has longer period and broader market opportunity than the first two levels.

Currently, the box office revenue from comic and animation films in Japan accounted for about 33.3 percent of the whole box office revenue in films industry. At the same time, in exporting films from Japan, the number of comic and animation films is much more than other themes films. According to the statistics from April 2007 to March 2008, the whole saleroom from comic and animation market, including films box office, films and teleplay videotapes and incomes from television broadcast station, was reached up to 450 billion yen with about 160.4 billion yen increase than the last statistics period. Data from Japan External Trade Organization showed that the direct market related to comic and animation industry in Japan was more than twenty trillion yen.

In Japan, you can find all kinds of figures from comic and animation films on the streets, which obviously exceed the fields of magazine and television. Comic and animation films have already combined with other fields such as film, television, music, 웹툰 야짤 publishing, theme parks, web resources and so on with all kinds of works and services. On the other hands, these industries which are based on the comic and animation would become more and more flourishing so as to finally improve the popularity of comic and animation works themselves.

In the process of comic and animation development, Japan government not only puts it as an important export industry, but also considers it as independent culture. A lot of policy, funding and organization support are offered to develop this industry. This may be the reason it becomes so popular in the world.

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ISSN: 1980-5861