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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring The Case For Wireless Temperature Monitoring

por Novella Wilder (2019-12-20)

http%3A%2F%2Fblogfiles.naver.net%2F20110Like other traditional temperature monitoring methods in Pharmacies, vaccine storage temperature has typically been recorded in a vaccine temperature log book, manually. The purpose of Vaccine Temperature Monitoring has usually been for compliance and accreditation purposes, not to mention ensure vaccine efficacy. Unfortunately, manual pharmacy temperature monitoring at the level of detail needed is time-consuming, a poor use of highly-qualified resources and lacks the requisite accuracy there is a substantial amount of risk with this method.

Manually monitoring vaccine temperature in not especially accurate, and for example if the department is closed over weekends, there will be gaps. Even if vaccine temperatures are monitored regularly and documented, 토렌트 보안 there is no guarantee that staff will respond if there is a significant deviation.

There are many documented cases where skilled staff have recorded the temperatures of a vaccine storage refrigerator manually, without realising that the temperature was out-of-tolerance. Once the error is discovered, all patients that have been inoculated with that batch of vaccine will need to be identified, contacted, re-immunised and the non-compliant inventory disposed of - all to significant cost.

How to Ensure a Solid Vaccine Cold Chain

It is fact that the temperature profile inside a refrigerators varies from one area to another. Vaccines are best kept on the middle shelf in most fridges. Storing Vaccines on the bottom shelf, (too low) in the door (too high), or near the freezer section (again too low) might result in the vaccines being storing significantly outside the manufacturer's recommendations.

When a new freezer or refrigerator is installed and commissioned, it is good practise to temperature map the refrigerated space before placing valuable inventory such as vaccinations inside. By doing this you will build a picture of the best location within the equipment to store the vaccines.

After initial mapping and verification of the internal temperatures, the equipment should be monitored continuously as a formalised departmental procedure.

Sensors measure ambient air temperature, not the actual temperature of the vaccine itself. In order to reduce the impact temperature changes from opening/closing the door, the probe can be placed physically inside the packaging box box.

Its good practise to keep some space between the vials of vaccine in order to allow the cool air to circulate around them.

Increasingly, regulatory authorities demand more detail of the activities of any institution operating in the field of medicine, healthcare and clinical research for good reasons. But the burden it places on valuable resources to monitor and maintain records that build an authoritative audit trail can be very cost-inefficient.

Furthermore, the rising value of inventory in for example a hospital pharmacy, is such that a fail-safe system is needed to ensure that, even with perfect medical monitoring systems in place, advance warning of any potential threats to the compliance of the inventory is flagged up as a matter of urgency to prevent unavoidable losses and subsequent non compliance. Compliance is not going to get any easier - and a fully automated medical monitoring and alarming system is the long term answer to delivering the level of detail to provide a rock-solid audit trail and to prevent costly non compliance and inventory loss.

Tutela Medical Monitoring Systems - Automation that Delivers Compliance
The Tutela wireless medical monitoring system was developed as a web-based technology from the ground up as we recognized that this brings significant benefits to the medical sector.
Being in "the cloud", there is no on-site PC hardware and software for our customers to manage/validate and, by utilizing our customer's existing IT network infrastructure coupled with wireless sensing, local installation time and associated costs are massively reduced.

Our customers love our web interface as it is truly intuitive and simple to use, needing the minimum of staff training, ensuring that their electronic records are available anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web browser. Plus there are no licensing costs or hidden software upgrade fees.

Tim Bartholomew is Managing Director of Tutela Medical, experts in wireless temperature monitoring systems for Healthcare, Hospitals, Medical, Blood Banks, Plasma Centers, Biomedical, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Research facilities. For more information about Vaccine Temperature Monitoring visit our website.

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