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How do you say i know Korean' in Korean? - Answers.com

por Winifred Singer (2019-12-21)

the sentence to say I know Korean in korean would go like this.

나는 한국어를 알아.

What is get well soon in Korean?
I don't know in Korean but i know in English. You say well soon

How do you say see you later in Korean?
hey i know!!- "see you later in Korean"

How do you say you are so slow in Korean?
you don't know what the meaning of korean words

Beautiful in Korean?
I'm not Korean, but as much as I know they say areumdawoyo. I do know that "pretty" is yeppuda or yeppo (informal) or yeppoyo (formal)

How do you say change in Korean language?
As a Korean, I know that it is: 변화 beon hwa or..... 바뀜 ba quim

How do you say freedom in Korean?
i actually do not know but it is careaaa in gibirish

How do you say Barbara in Korean?
I don't know how to say it but to write it is "바바라". I used a translator.

What is the Korean word for respect?
경의 ; I don't even know how to say that.

What does beautiful mean in Korean?
this is how it looks but I don't know how to say it 아름다운

How do you say Diana in Korean?
How to say diana in korean

How do say where are you in Korean?
This is how you say where are you in Korean 어디에 초청합니다

How do you spell or say Brayden in Korean?
how do you say Braidyn in korean

How do you say i know' in Korean?
나도 알아요 - na do ar-ah-yo

What is joselyn in Korean?
Joselyn is still Joselyn in Korean. You want to know how it is written in hangul? If you know hangul, most likely, you just spell it how you say it. 조셀린 (jo-sel-r(l)in)

How do you say Be Quiet in Korean?
To say be quiet in Korean you say Ne how le sung

How do you say Jesus Loves You in Korean?
how to say Jesus loves you in korean. how to say i forgive you

How do you say will in Korean?
Will is 미래 in Korean.

Who would win South Korean women or North Korean women?
I do not know.. I don't think anyone would know the answer to that, but since I'm a South Korean, I say that South Korean women are going to win! Since North Korean women don't have much rights, but South Korean women have all the rights a person needs, I think South Korean women would be more stronger than North Korean women in any way.

How do you say good afternoon in Korean?
there is no such thing as good afternoon in Korean ! If you dont believe me I have 1 thing to say I AM KOREAN! my Korean name? 김해순

How do you say chicken in Korean?
you say chicken in Korean like dalk (닭)

How do you say jump in Korean?
Jump in Korean is E-Dan. To say it, just say Eee-Dawn.

How do you say hello how are you in Korean?
Hello in Korean is : An-nyung-ha-se-yo. ( you say this to strangers/ person you don't know well ), An-nyung. ( you say this to friends or somebody you know closely. Like classmates.), An-nyung-ha-shim-ni-ka. ( you say this to elders like your teacher or mighty person.) How are you in Korean is : jal-ji-ne-shut-suh-yo? ( you say this to strangers/ person you don't know well ), jal-ji-net-ni? ( friendly version of how are you. ), jal-ji-ne-shut-sume-ni-ka...

How Do You Say Bubbles In Korean?
To say 'bubbles' in Korean, you just say bubbles, but say it so it sounds like 'Booblies'.

How do you say I'm your number 1 fan in Korean?
how to say im your fan in korean

What are some Korean boy names that mean selfish and lazy?
I don't know about names that actually mean that. But to say selfish in Korean is 이기 (igi) and lazy is 게으른 (geeuleun).

How do you say Halloween in Korean?
Halloween in Korean Chuesok

How do you say Korea in Korean?
Korea in Korean is "hanguk"

How do you say crazy in Korean?
Crazy in Korean is "Mechaso".

How do you say blue in Korean?
Blue in Korean is chaahng.

How do you say sunbae in Korean language?
In Korean, it is 선배

How do you say sixtey in Korean?
60 in Korean is 육십

How do you say i don't know in Korean?
모르다 is the dictionary form, meaning "to not know" 모릅니다. formal polite conjugation 몰라요. polite conjugation

What is the Korean name for Jonathan?
Answer: Jo-na-dan. (조나단) You see, Korean people usually break names into parts like for example Brianna. They say Bri-a-na. They do not say it like in syllables. Most of the time, it's separated into three parts. Now you know something about Korean names!! I hope this answer helped. Thanks for asking. Brianna, P.S Ask me anything about Korea! I know lots of things about Korea. (Because I am half Korean.)

How do you say thank you for the dinner in Korean language?
I'm learning Korean myself, but to say thank you, just say Kamsahamnida.

How do you say Kevin in Korean?
you say Kevin in Korean the same way you would say it in English. the same with any language

How do you say I'm not Korean in Korean?
난 대한민국 사람이 아닙니다. (pronounced as: nan dae han min goog sa ram i anib nida) You can also say that you can't speak Korean by: 전 한국어를 못합니다.( pronounced as: jeon han goog eo rel mot hab ni da) I am Korean so i know these words! :D

How do you say welcome to the family in Korean?
i dont know how to say welcome to the famly but i know how to say welcome to amirica soz for grammer mi gook eh ohn guh sewl hwah yung hahni na

How do you say naked in Korean?
Nagasuka is the word naked in Korean.

How do you say 'you are welcome' in Korean?
''cheonmaneyo'' in Korean

How do you say you're an idiot in Korean?
idiot is bhabo in korean...

How do you say i like this in Korean language?
"I like this" is 이렇게 in Korean.

How do you say wait in Korean?
The Korean word for wait is 기다리다

How do you say Cathy in Korean?
Cathy is pronounced "Katty" in Korean.

How do you say you love Korean?
yes,great love with korean

How do you say 'I am in love' in Korean?
The way to say 'I am in love' in Korean is 나는 사랑에 빠졌어.

How do you say punch in Korean?
Punch In Korean is Kun-Yuk To say it, just say Kun -Yuck (with a short U sound)

How do you say 'very true' in Korean?
To say the words very true in Korean you would say maeu sasil.

How do you say idiot in Korean?
if you want to "you are idiot", you would say "babo ya" or if you want to say just idiot, you would say "babo" source by Korean

How do you said I am here in Korean?
To say I am here in Korean you would say ?? ???? (in the Korean alphabet). If you want to spell the word with the English alphabet, it would be na yeogiiss-eo.

How do you say 'eternal' in Korean?
Eternal in Korean is this: 영원한

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