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What does design protection mean? - Answers.com

por Cassie Baer (2019-12-26)

48402270826_467fe571f3.jpgDesign can be protected by a design patent, and often copyright. It depends on whether the design is more highly technical (as computer chip design) or artistic (as a wallpaper design).

Can you copyright a shoe design?
No, but it may qualify for design patent protection.

What is a violin marking on a spider?
it is a design for 온라인카지노사이트 protection and its on the cephalothorax

What do you mean by sample design?
what do you mean by sample design?

Can you put copyright symbol on a design for t-shirt?
If the design meets the minimum requirements for copyright protection, yes.

What does 'good experiment design' mean?
what does it mean when they mean "design for your experiment"

What is fire protection services?
Fire protection services can range from: a. Fire protection engineering services, which is the design of automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, hydraulic calculations, etc. b. Fire protection services could also entail the construction and installation of fire protection systems, as per design. c. Maintenance, monitoring and operation of fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Lou Hegyi

What do polynesian designs mean?
"design" means how it is controlled or for example, I say boat "design" I mean how the boat was design and how we can use it.

What has the author T A Blanco White written?
T. A. Blanco White has written: 'Copyright' 'Patents for inventions and the registration of industrial designs' -- subject(s): Design protection, Patent laws and legislation 'Patents for inventions and the protection of industrial designs' -- subject(s): Design protection, Patent laws and legislation

What do you mean by input design and menu design?
Input design is system hardware input design and design of hardware is menu design.

What are the objectives in short circuit study?
To provide the data necessary to design protection systems.

What does 'protection' mean in first aid?
It can mean a number of things - protection of an open wound by covering it with a sterile gauze. Protection of the patient from further harm by removing them from the source of injury. Protection of a broken limb by immobilizing it though the use of a splint.

What has the author Roger T Hughes written?
Roger T. Hughes has written: 'Hughes on trade marks' -- subject(s): Trademarks 'Hughes on copyright and industrial design' -- subject(s): Copyright, Design protection, Design, industrial, Design,Industrial

What does client mean in product design?
A client in product designing mean a needer who need a design for its product.

What does a set design in drama mean?
the design of piece of scenery?

What does contemporary design mean?
The modern design of the thing designed

Can you copyright a cake design?
Aspects of the design that are entirely your original work, such as a piped or carved design, may be protected by copyright as a work of visual art; the US Copyright Office has asserted that permanence is not required for protection.

How easy is it to get a copyright on your design?
Incredibly. Protection is automatic as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium.

What was the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act?
Th Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984, specifically protected semiconductor design, or "mask work," for up to 10 years.

What do you mean by protection?
protection means saving the equipment or material or personnel from damge.

What does fancy design mean?
a fancy design would generally mean it has lots of intricate lines, colourful, etc.

He had to be there by design what does phrase by design mean?
it basicaly means 'idealy' "he had to be there idealy"

What does home design mean?
you design it at home without the help of others

Which type of intellectual property protection is appropriate for a unique chip design?
Innovative designs can be protected by patents.

Which type of intellectual property protection is approprate for a unique chip design?
If it's merely a cosmetic improvement, a design patent would be more suitable. If the design improves the function of the chip, a regular (utility) patent would be approprate.

What has the author David Fulton written?
David Fulton has written: 'The law and practice relating to patents and designs (Patents and designs act, 1907-8)' -- subject(s): Design protection, Patent laws and legislation 'A practical treatise on patents, trade marks and designs' -- subject(s): Design protection, Patent laws and legislation, Trademarks 'The law and practice relating to patents, trade marks and designs' -- subject(s): Design protection, Patent laws and legislation, Trademarks

What does schutzleist mean?
protection-carried out

What does a star mean on a house?
nothing its just a design nothing its just a design

What does CAD mean you design tecnoloagy?
CAD means Computer-Aided Design

What does functional criteria mean in design?
Explaining what your design must do to be considered successful.

What can textures be in web design?
what do you mean by "textures be in web design" ? are you referring to the text.

What is intellectual property protection?
A Copyright or Trademark registration is considered intellectual property protection. Itellectual property could be an idea, design, or concept, etc that the originator came up with themselves.

What has the author Laurie A Ehrlich written?
Laurie A. Ehrlich has written: 'Breakwaters, jetties and groins' -- subject(s): Design and construction, Shore protection, Jetties, Breakwaters, Groins (Shore protection)

What does store design mean?
The interior design of the store, the logo of the store, graphic design for the store website would all be included as the store design.

What does Technology Design mean?
it mean to have a design based off of technology. Ex.) machines that shows something else that is being demonstrated.

What does computer and aided design and manufacture mean?
CAD means computer aided design and cam mean computer aided manufacturer.

What does the design of china's flag mean?
it mean spiderman is dead

What does degernier mean?
Designer mean someone who will design things

What does resistor mean in design and technology?
what does resistor mean in technolagy

What does CAM mean technology?
What does cam mean in design and technology

How did medieval castles protect people in medieval times?
because of its clever design e.g. the moat gave protection.

What does design mean?
A design is a plan or a scheme to address a Problem. Or to just improve the equality.

What do you mean by graphics and design?
Graphic design is an art. Images that are computer-generated are graphics.

Where can you design your own skates?
i mean where can u design ur own skates online

How in industries do they stop metals corroding?
Good design Proper material selection coatings including metal coatings and paints Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection Anodic Protection Combinations - especially use of CP and coatings

Does a higher spf number mean more protection?
Yes, the higher the SPF, the more sun protection you will get.

What does worthy of protection mean?
Worthy of protection means must be protected . For a better answer, search in dictionary. com .

What does DT mean?
If you mean DT as in at school, it means Design Technology.

What has the author Ian Dunn written?
Ian Dunn has written: 'Computer aided design of protection systems for electrical drives'

What is mean by design using arithmetic progression?
Design means fixing the dimension of an object or device.

What does conceptual mean?
Something in the design stage.

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