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Tech-Trends Ruling The Smartphone Sector!

por Clair Cagle (2020-01-03)

With the consumers all set to experiment with the new trends, the smartphone companies seem to be working hard to cope up with the rising expectations. While the world was busy getting their hands on the latest designs and features, the news about next billion smartphones hitting the market soon came as no surprise. Smartphone players like Huawei, who have been tracking purchasing habits of users, seem to be adding all that's helping them invite more customers.

water-sunrise-adventure-river-wildlife-sThe most sought after specifications in a smartphone are:


With the time when the screen norms of a tv some years back have managed to show its magic on the small screen, 1080p full HD screens on phones are pretty common. These screens come along with very high pixel densities in maximum android smartphones in India. Huawei Nexus 6P was one such phone amongst the best smartphones in India with a 2K display.


When it comes to performance, user looks out for RAM which is enough to make everything run smoothly. Since the smartphones today are loaded with apps running in the background, android smartphones are available in a range of 3-4GB RAM to give its user an easy experience. Even in case of dual sim android phones in the market, high RAM makes the switching seamless.

Fingerprint scanner

Security being a great concern with the phones equipped with important email accounts and passwords, fingerprint scanners save your life from passwords and 폰 게임 추천 patterns. Your prints can be saved on the device itself and work precisely with speed. The latest feature of multiple finger prints gives access to your mate as well (obviously if you wish to!), that too in phones coming under 10k segment.

Internal storage

While we try and stuff media files on our device, especially with HD mp4's everywhere, the phones with lower internal storage might not be able attract a buyer. Though 8GB seemed like 'I would not need an external storage" around 2years back, a 32GB is minimum what a user is looking out for, with the amount it is available in the market. This year we saw phones available with 16GB and 32Gb variants, giving users a choice as they need.


Selfies and pouts continue to capture the social media, this saw international as well as Indian brands offering unique camera propositions. What we saw was 'Cameras with dual lenses', 'face detection autofocus', 'front selfie flash' and 'laser auto focus' which were launched by various flagship brands to please their customers.

Along with the above key features, the market also saw some unique concepts like Fast charging and Smartwatch connectivity which came as an answer to customer concerns from some time now. So when you step out into the market to buy another smart companion for yourself, don't get satisfied with the flagship concepts, you might be happily surprised once you are out to explore!

Pramod Kumar is a tech enthusiast who works with an MNC. With his keen interest in gadget trends, he contributes to various platforms with his research analysis. Best Smartphone in India

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