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Is Chinese food the same as Asian food

por Yanira Lemus (2020-01-06)

Asian food refers to any type of food from Asia. Chinese food is more specifically food from China. Because China is part of Asia, Chinese food is Asian food, but Asian food isn't necessarily Chinese food.

What is Pan Asian food?
Pan Asian food is a variety and combination of Asian food - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese etc.

share: What is a Chinese legend for fried rice?
food and cooking,Asian history,chinese history

share: What type a Asian is popular in America?
Do you mean Asian food? Or which nationality is the most populist? On both counts it would be Chinese.

share: What is a Chris of the Baughns?
He's an Asian honeybear PJ's who is obsessed with rice and Chinese food.

share: How are Chinese people Asian?
Chinese people are Asian because China is in Asia. They are also Chinese, but Asian people are not necessarily Chinese.

share: Why is Chinese food in the US so different than in Hawaii?
Hawaii is a state with a high Asian population, whereas mainland Chinese food has been much more Americanized.

share: Is Chinese the same as being Asian?
Only in that China is located on the continent of Asia. Not all Asians are Chinese. But all Chinese are Asian. It's an ethnic group and nationality, sharing a language (though many different dialects), and culture.

share: What does an Asian kid eat for luch?
If he knew what a luch is, Most likely it's Chinese food

share: What does mrhoo look like?
Authentic Chinese food, wife from Hong Kong... probably Asian

share: What are the dangers of asian food?
There are both benefits and risks to eating Asian food. Asian food is often made with soy sauce so may have a higher salt content. MSG is an ingredient that is occasionally used in Chinese food to enhance the flavor. MSG has been linked to symptoms such as headaches, chest pain and nausea.

share: What are some examples of popular music in China?
Chinese rap, Chinese Pop, etc, same as any other asian country

share: Why do Chinese eat a lot of rice?
this is a staple food in China as well as in other Asian countries , it is reletavely inexpensive and grows abundantly in all Asian countries.

share: Is Asian food popular in Australia?
Yes, many Asian foods are very popular in Australia. Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese are some of the most popular.

share: Are Chinese and Asian people the same?
Chinese refer to people from China or have ancestors whom originate from China. Asians are people who are from Asia. While Chinese are asians, asians are not necessarily Chinese.

share: What is the history of food and beverage in the philippines?
The food service industry is growing in the Philippines. Chinese on the islands influenced Chinese dishes and gave the Filipino food a more Asian flare. They also had oysters, squid and lots of rice dishes.

share: Is Chinese the same as Asian with a different name?
No. "Chinese" refers to people from China, a country in the continent of Asia while asians are from the continent of Asia.

share: Which is the best place in UK where you can eat Indian Chinese and Continental food?
London Darbar in Essex is the best place to eat Asian food especially Indian food.

share: What are the disputes in Southeast Asian countries in 1970?
The disputes were over the lack of food, water, and the rites of passage in the South Chinese Sea. They didn't get resolved. These same issues continue to present themselves to present day.

share: What is more healthier Chinese food or American food?
Chinese food, obviously! American food has tons of fat and calories, but Chinese food is yummy and nutritious at the same time. Chinese food doesn't have a lot of grease and includes vegetables in a delicious way.

share: Are food habits and food culture same?
No, they are not the same. food habits are when you are addicted to a food, and food culture is where a culture eat a food regularly. (such as Asian people eat lots of rice.

share: What is ginger used for?
Ginger is used in: Asian Cooking (Indian, Chinese and other Asian cuisines) as a spice that gives a nice smell and flavor to the food In Traditional Asian Medicine - to treat upset stomach, cough, cold etc

share: China earthquake in 2008 what happened and who was affected?
the Chinese they make nice food and theyl ove long time i am Asian to

share: Are Chinese people Asian?
Yes, all Chinese people are Asian because China is in Asia.

share: Does blAsian mean black and Asian as in black and Chinese or black and Indian?
Its black and asian/chinese

share: Why do children bring western fast food to Chinese and Asian restaurants while parents and other adults eat the Chinese and Asian food?
Not everyone likes different foods from different cultures and the children are probably not yet old enough to appreciate something different. Whilst Chinese food is high on the menu of many Westerners, 바카라사이트 often their children ask their parents to bring along their own Western-style food because they are simply more used to it. Doing that has at least two good results: * The children will eat something they enjoy and this can help to keep... Read More

share: Recipe for glazed sesame chicken stir fry Asian spice what is the Asian spice?
In an Asian food mart look for Chinese 5 Spice. I don't know all the spices, but some include cumin and cayenne and possible coriander.

share: Are Japanese and Chinese the same thing?
Chinese and Japanese are completely UNRELATED languages. Neither country took the other's language. The only connections are: Japan borrowed about 2000 Chinese characters for Japanese writing Japanese has some loanwords from Chinese

share: Can you call Asian people Chinese people?
no because china is IN Asia, but you CAN call Chinese people Asian... :)

share: What does the emporor peinguin eat?
If you are talking about Sensei, he eats fortune cookies and various types of Chinese food. Sensei is Japanese and Asian.

share: What is pan asain food?
all types of Asian food- Chinese,Japanese, Korean, thai, vietnamese etc. Read more: website

share: How does Chinese food differ from American food?
They're different for the ingredients and also for the recipes. Chinese culture isn't the same of American cutlure

share: Do you say that their are Chinese or Asian?
I have a friend and i think she is Chinese but i don't want to affend her do i say if shes Asian help!

share: Why is food part of social activities around the world?
Food and the consumption of food are important parts of social activities around the world because food is a culture in itself, not to mention the fact that it plays a huge role in all kinds of different cultures. It can be sad to hear my friends ignorantly ask me, "Do you call Chinese food just 'food'?" because I'm Chinese, but at the same time, there's definitely a sense of cultural pride during Chinese New... Read More

share: Are Chinese Arab?
No. Arabs are caucasian and Chinese are Asian.

share: In Mesa where can I eat Asian food?
Aloha Kitchen Restaurant for Polynesian and Southeast Asian food; Pink Pepper Thai Cuisine; Tasty Joe's serves an all Asian Cuisine; Korean BBQ; P.F Chang's China Bistro is popular for Chinese food. If you want to taste Indian you have the Guru Palace Cuisine of India. You can check the restaurant reviews to decide where you'd like to eat.

share: Why do people from Thailand look Chinese?
Thailand people look Chinese because they are Asian and Asian's are from a lot of the same heritage and they seem to look the same. I AM NOT A RACIST I AM JUST ANSWERING THIS QUESTION PLEASE DO NOT FIND THIS OFFENSIVE ANYBODY. THANK YOU

share: Are Asian people Chinese?
All Chinese are Asian, but not all Asian's are Chinese. There are 47 countries in Asia. Asian is a race, Chinese is an ethnicity, and Asia is a location. To say all Asians are Chinese is similar to saying all Europeans are British. There are lots of ethnicities that are considered Asian. Get it? I guess its confusing a little bit. Did you know that even though Chinese is considered an ethnicity, China itself has... Read More

share: How is china food and Mexican food the same?
The main similarity in Mexican and Chinese foods is the rice.

share: What types of food are eaten in the US?
everything.... from... hamburgers to sushi and french fries ice cream asian, chinese, italian, indian, mexican, and more...

share: Is spaghetti Asian or Italian?
Spaghetti is Italian. Noodles are Asian (Chinese).

share: What is the difference between the Chinese food pyramid and the Western food pyramid?
The Chinese pyramid is much the same to the western Pyramid but there are differences. For one the Chinese pyramid is missing Herbs, Minerals and Food Supplements, and there pyramid includes Industrial Chemicals and other "Mystery Proteins". We need to see both the western and Chinese food pyramids (diagrams) to make a comparison. ******************************* or their is the more obvious answer, the Chinese one is full of Chinese food and the western on got western... Read More

share: What is a Chinese fine dining?
Chinese fine dining would be an Asian restaurant that has great service, food, and all the other qualities you would find at any other restaurant. Usually an upscale place from all the others.

share: Are Chinese people Vietnamese people?
No, Chinese and Vietnamese are not the same. They are much different. Chinese people are not Vietnamese people unless they are Vietnamese and Chinese. The Chinese and the Vietnamese are two separate ethnic groups, although they are both Asian. A comparison would be the French and the German, who are separate ethnic groups but are both European.

share: What should I do to get an Asian girlfriend?
Learn Chinese and go to a Chinese restraunt?

share: What ethnic group are most Chinese related to?
the Chinese people are Asian.

share: What do Chinese people living in Britain eat?
same British food

share: Who are Asian elephant enemies?
The Chinese.

share: What is the difference between a Asian person and Chinese person?
First of all it's spelled Chinese. Second of all, let's say we are having a conversation, and an Asian person walks by. No offense, but you could tell they are Asian because of their distinct characteristics, If you say, "Hey look at that Chinese guy," that would be considered racism, because you have absolutely no way of knowing if they are Chinese, even if they spoke Chinese. We say "Asian person" because we know that... Read More

share: Is Jimmy Page Japanese or at least Asian?
Yes, he is part Asian from his mother's side She is reportedly 1/4 Chinese, so he is 1/8 Chinese.

share: Is Jackie Chan Asian?
Yes, Jackie Chan is Asian. More specifically, he is Chinese.

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