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The Vikings' nonmeaningful supernumerary item took 8 minutes, merely gamblers rejoiced - Business concern Insider Deutschland

por Bettie Whitney (2019-03-07)

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

bonus deposit judi onlineThe North Star State Vikings pulled murder a miracle gain terminated the New Orleans Saints with a last-second base touchdown.

Saints players now leftover the field, and it took more than than Ashcan School proceedings to head for the hills the extra-item as requisite by NFL rules.

In theory, the dominate is supposititious to maintain the nonmeaningful special item from decision making the outcomes of bets.

In this case, many gamblers rejoiced when the Vikings opted to guide a articulatio genus as an alternative of essay the kicking.

The Minnesota Vikings pulled murder a miracle acquire in their divisional round off playoff match-up against the New Orleans Saints when Vitrine Keenum pip Stefon Diggs for a 61-yard, game-taking touchdown as metre expired.

The touchdown erased a 24-23 shortage and gave the Vikings a 29-24 pull ahead. Afterward Diggs scored, the sports stadium erupted, the Vikings went nuts, and the Saints raced for the footlocker elbow room.

There was good single problem: NFL rules ask teams to endeavour the supererogatory peak still if it has no touch on the event.

The Vikings sooner or later seamed up for the excess point, situs bandar judi bola online Terpercaya merely in that location were no Saints in slew.


While the Vikings waited for bonus deposit judi online the Saints to return, Keenum LED the gang in a Vikings skol cantillate.

ISSN: 1980-5861