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Indian Movie Reviews Have Become Essential for a Movie’s Viewership Ratings

por Cristine Lehman (2019-01-18)

Serious movie buffs are always waiting for two days in a week; Friday for the release of a movie and Saturday to know the reviews of the movie with its premier show. Intelligent movie enthusiasts always wait for movie review before wasting their time and money on a movie lest they are saddled with an absolute crap. Movie reviews have made it so easy and simple for the people to know about whether a movie is worth watching or not. At times people rely on movie trailers and then gripe about the sheer wastage of time. Movie trailers are created in such a manner that they entice the viewers and grab their attention. One cannot know about the actual movie by simply watching the trailer however attractive they seem to be.

Film industry has scaled new heights with every passing day in India. Lot of investment is involved in the industry. Thus in order to earn profits, film makers goes to great extent to invest a lot in its marketing and promotion. Just like any product, a film is also marketed and best aspects of the film are highlighted in such a way that the audience believe that it is certainly a must watch movie. Sometimes, it happens that after watching the film they realize that they have been duped. This is why the significance of movie reviews is increasing steadily. Indian movie reviews are available not only in newspapers and magazines but online as well. Many portals offer movie reviews that help an individual to decide whether he should watch the movie or not.

The responsibility of a movie critic raises a notch high as more and more people are relying on their reporting. Although the decision to watch a movie is solely of a film goer but the observations of a movie critic also play a big role in making a firm decision. It is the responsibility of the movie critic to offer an objective evaluation of a movie without jeopardizing the anticipation to watch a movie and its plot greatly. These days the story line of the movie is known before hand because of the excessive promotion of the movie and the way its trailers are shown. Only exceptions are certain mystery or suspense movies, where audiences are enticed through some hints here and there about the movie. In rest of the films, audiences are already aware about the storyline and they go for movies only to see the acting of their favorite actors and actresses. Sometimes, layarkaca21 there can be other factors involved that makes a decision to watch a movie easy. For instance, a racy plot, mind blowing action, breathtaking picturisation of beautiful locales, dance sequences, songs, etc.

Online portals are fulfilling this responsibility and offering objective and balanced perspective for a movie. These days, online Telegu movie reviews and Tamil movie reviews are also available. People who follow their favorite south Indian superstars and their movies can make the most of it. Going by the movie reviews help viewers to avoid movies which are actually an absolute crap and also save their money as well as time!

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