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Long-believed 'myth' about sharks mistakenly biting humans is TRUE

por Tosha Darbonne (2022-07-26)

A long standing myth about sharks attacking humans as a case of a mistaken identity has proven to be true.

A team of researchers from Sydney's Macquarie University concluded in the eyes of many juvenile white sharks, surfers and swimmers are similar in appearance to seals and sea lions in the ocean. 

Significantly many of the feared ocean creatures are colour blind, meaning images above the water surface such as wetsuits don't look any different.

The research team also concluded that great white sharks, along with bull sharks and tiger sharks, account for the most bites on humans, according to

Ominously, great whites, the world's largest predatory fish, rip chunks out of their prey, which is then swallowed whole.

ISSN: 1980-5861