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Reel Love
Reel Love is a sweet love themed slot game. young love story that can happen anywhere, anytime Even in a new apartment that has just moved. You will meet Rick, a simple man looking for true love. Then, by chance, he met 3 beautiful women who were his neighbors in this apartment. The first was Tiffany, a beautiful blonde with hair. which any man sees must fall in love with the second one, Karen, the sexy hot girl in the next room. A sexy neighbor who has crushed countless men's hearts, and finally, Anna, a nerdy nerd, a neat and shy college student. Rick was so interested in these three women that it instantly brightened up his bachelor life.

The Love Reels slot game is a 5 vertical, 3 horizontal rows game with Rick representing the Wild symbol and the heart symbol being the Scatter symbol and the special symbol with a beautiful girl is the symbol that gives the highest odds in the game. this slot game

Honey Trap

Trap The seductive charm of Diao Xian The end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo, a ruthless warlord who has seized control of the current young emperor and ruled the country with a dictatorship and cruelty. His son, Li Bu, was different from his father. He is a brave warrior. who led thousands of troops to victory on the battlefield. Both of them fell in love with
Diao Xian, a legendary girl who was the beauty of the land. When Diao Chan danced in the Fengyi Pavilion, the two of them became even more fascinated and wanted for her. leading to a great war with the power of love at stake
This is a 3 horizontal row 5 vertical slot game with the Golden Cup symbol, the Wild symbol and no Scatter symbol, but the gods will give you good fortune throughout the game. and have a chance to receive a bonus of up to 3,600 times

Win Win Won
The mischievous dog is a thousand-year-old story of the Chinese zodiac. Each of the 12 symbolic animals has its own distinctive symbols. Everyone is responsible for protecting the Palace of "Won Won", one of the zodiac signs. It's a fun and lively character. and also protecting a palace full of precious treasures According to legend Whenever there is a visitor, "Won-Won" opens the palace gates to welcome you. many blessings

ISSN: 1980-5861